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  • _amy__ 2w

    Your smile is enough to make my heart go wild,
    I wish I could be with you tonight.

  • _amy__ 2w

    I gave you my all
    You left me with nothing at all
    I was there for you
    In all ur sleepless nights
    Now im wandering around the empty halls
    Looking for the ghost of you
    But you are nowhere to be found.

    Tell me what I did wrong
    Maybe we can work this through
    You cut me off
    In matter of seconds
    But i still keep waiting for u
    Every single day
    Tell me you hate me
    Tell me you dont want me
    Tell me you don't care
    Instead you say you adore me
    You said you care
    But now i cant see you anywhere.

    I told you i love you
    You said you felt it too
    Was it a fairytale fantasy
    Just another love affair
    I used to think that we were forever
    Now i wonder if i'll see you ever again.
    It felt like magic
    But the end was so tragic
    Thanks for breaking my heart
    Now I can't help falling apart.

    You took me aboard
    You saved me from my demons
    Then you left me on the shore
    All alone
    And now that you're gone
    Im drawing in my own tears
    My demons haunt me day & night
    I'd bleed for you
    But you don't seem to care
    You were my sweet escape
    Now I'm living my worst nightmare
    I just want this pain to end.

    Please come back my love
    I'll do just as you say
    Cant you see it
    You're all I need
    I know my love was pure
    But did you ever feel a thing?
    Was it real
    Or just a show
    Was this your fake love?

    @priyanshi_t @maiatamarain

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    Fake love


  • _amy__ 2w

    I wish I can see you again
    You're the purest soul I ever met.
    You wished me the best
    Now we got a clean slate
    Noone could ever make me feel
    The way you did
    Maybe it could've been something
    Maybe you never cared
    Or maybe I failed to hear
    Your silent melody.

    We moved on
    But I can never forget
    The touch of ur hand,
    I can never forget
    The way your eyes shine
    With your shy smile,
    Your puns and praise
    Your presence was my abias.
    Looking for reasons
    To make you speak
    But then I didn't hear a word
    Looking at how your eyes gleam
    Wondering how you feel.

    I wanna ride your mind
    Show me every piece of ur life
    You always kept me wanting more
    But I could never get enough of you
    Your smile is enough
    To make my heart go wild.
    Even though I moved on
    I could never let you go
    I'd hold on to you forever.

    The truth is
    I knew it was gonna end
    I knew we'd fade away
    I still cherish every moment we spent
    But it's over now
    And I'm writing eulogies
    To what it could have been.

    I'd trade my soul for a wish
    I wish to meet you
    Just one more time
    I wish to see your smile
    Just one more time
    I can never forget
    The time we spent
    And I know you remember it too.

    @priyanshi_t @maiatamarain

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    I wish to see your smile
    Just one more time
    I can never forget
    The time we spent
    And I know you remember it too

  • _amy__ 2w

    @your_boy_king @priyanshi_t

    Try continuing this with a one liner under this hashtag

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    The moon tells folks the tales of your victory

  • _amy__ 24w

    You live in a graceful cover
    With an aching soul,
    You have a heart of gold
    But now it's like molten lava
    Burning in ur chest.
    You're so scarred
    Yet so flawless.

    You are mature,
    You learned tough lessons in life,
    That takes a lifetime.
    You feel it all
    And you feel it intense,
    It takes up every piece of you,
    And you handle it so well.

    I admire you,
    You're the strongest person I know,
    No I dont know you,
    But I know
    That you are a fighter
    And a lover,
    You're scared yet so fearless.

    You know how to to love,
    Your love is pure,
    It consumes your soul,
    This time you fell too hard,
    Hard enough to crush your soul,
    Your heart shattered into a million pieces,
    But now you're picking yourself up
    Piece by piece,
    You will rise again
    With a raging power.

    You're the rising king,
    Fighting battles each day,
    Building your own empire.
    You come from a dead end,
    But you enlighten every soul you met,
    You are the Morningstar
    Lighting up the whole world.

    This poem is for anyone going through heartbreak, depression, anxiety or any struggles in life. Remember you are the Morningstar, you will Rise!

    @priyanshi_t @chitra_009 @pink_berry @sumiinked

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  • _amy__ 28w

    She was sweet and kind,
    And strong from her mind,
    She had a soft heart
    Covered in a stiff shell,
    She was hard to understand
    But did anyone really tried?
    She was carefree
    But when she genuinely cared,
    She couldn't set herself free.
    She fell in love
    A little harder each time,
    And she broke her own heart
    When they left her behind.
    She never forgot their names
    Her dairies are still telling their tales,
    She knew how to hold on,
    But she knew, for how long,
    So she moved on,
    And she learned to let go.

    All she wanted
    Was someone who could stay,
    She thought she was annoying,
    Or maybe they never cared,
    She'd watch them tolerate her,
    Every love that she shared,
    She felt alone in the crowd,
    So she learned to love herself,
    Then she didn't need another soul,
    She was enough for herself.

    She wants to rip off
    Her layers of insecurities,
    She's just living,
    But she wants to feel alive,
    She wants to live her life to the fullest,
    I'll set her spirit free,
    I'll give her the best life,
    I don't care who stays,
    And who steps aside,
    I love her,
    And I'll give her
    The love she deserves,
    I'll give her everything she wants,
    Cause she deserves the world!

    @priyanshi_t @chitra_009 @amcysan

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    I love her
    And I'll give her
    The love she deserves
    I'll give her everything she wants
    Cause she deserves the world!

  • _amy__ 32w

    I wanna take you to my landscape
    I wanna show you every peice of me
    I want you to really know me.
    I've never been so vulnerable
    But now I want to be
    And I wanna do it with you.
    I never knew I could love someone
    As much as I love you.
    I don't want anything else
    I just want to be with you.

    I love every peice of you
    I love you the way you are.
    You're the best thing
    That ever happened to me,
    You're the biggest blessing for me,
    And now that I have you,
    I'll never let you go.

    Obsessing over you for years,
    Not knowing how to stop,
    I used to care
    What you think of me,
    But now that you know it all,
    I don't care anymore,
    I want you to really know me.

    I don't care what they say,
    They don't know
    The love that we share,
    They don't know
    How much we really care,
    Now all I care about is you.

    Everything I ever wanted
    Was right in front of me,
    You're everything I ever wished for,
    You are my ideal type,
    I kept searching
    For pieces of you
    In every person I met,
    Now I don't want somebody like you,
    I only want you!

    "I'll be your quite afternoon crush"
    - Lorde

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    I only want you


  • _amy__ 34w

    We create our own world
    Away from this chaos
    And we are the Queens
    Ruling this world.

    Our pen is our sword
    Our pain is our power
    Our subjects are on our words
    Our kingdom is in books
    Our empire is covered in glitter of love
    We decorate it with ink and flora
    And we are enchanted by its aura.

    It might look plain to your eye
    But its a magical world,
    Built on the land of trust,
    It's every brick is made of love.
    Here we can talk endlessly
    Without moving our lips,
    And no matter how far you go
    You're still by my side,
    It has massive butterflies
    That can take you on a ride.

    Here we laugh
    And we cry,
    It's our battle ground
    And our safe heaven,
    We live here in peace.
    We know exactly what we're doing,
    We wreck the monsters
    Coming our way,
    And if needed
    We'll fight the gods.
    This is our world
    And we are the


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  • _amy__ 38w

    You said you loved me
    Then why did you hurt me?
    You said you loved my flaws
    So you scarred me to the bones.

    You call me names
    And when I ask you to stop
    You say 'I can't bear you anymore!'
    And I can't bear your constant criticism,
    You drive me crazy,
    Then tell your friends I'm crazy.

    You hurt me,
    And when I try to break through
    You say it's my fault.
    You burn me down to ashes,
    And when I make a stand,
    You say I'm the one
    who burned 'us' down.

    I lost me
    While trying to keep you,
    No matter how much I try,
    I could never be good enough for you,
    'Cause you hate me for loving myself!

    You don't wanna keep me,
    But you just don't let me go.
    You trapped me with your love
    And killed me with your pride!

    I told my friends
    What you did to me,
    They said I'm overreacting,
    But small pieces of rocks
    Make a massive volcano.
    Now I'm exploding,
    And you're begging me
    To go back to my shell.

    You said I'm tearing your pride,
    But you never thought twice
    Before rupturing my soul.
    Now I don't care about you anymore,
    And you know you're loosing it all,
    You can't watch me go away,
    But I won't let you hurt me anymore.

    This is a fictional poem/story about emotional abuse. Here it says 'Killed me with your pride' because the abuser says you're hurting them or disrespecting them every time you try to stand up for yourself!

    @priyanshi_t @chitra_009

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    You trapped me with your love
    And killed me with your pride...

  • _amy__ 40w

    It's something I can't help
    It's not just a swing
    It's a rollercoaster ride
    The track is cracked sometimes
    But you gotta fly it off.

    I'm better off on my own
    People crush me down
    These noises drive me crazy
    My life starts falling apart
    I can't be chill
    I feel like jumping off a hill.

    When I'm in pain
    The whispers in my mind say
    What if it's pseudopain?
    Just stimuli generated by my brain
    Tricking me to feel that pain.

    I cry out rivers
    And burn down bridges
    But if you really need me
    I'll cross oceans
    And help you rebuilt your bridges.

    It's a strange feeling
    I don't know how it all works
    I feel happy, sad and mad
    In a matter of seconds.
    It's not just a swing
    It's a rollercoaster ride.


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