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    Guess who it is:
    It’s been a month since we broke up.It’s been so difficult for me and maybe not for you.Lemme tell you how did this all start
    Meeting someone at my bestfriend’s birthday and probably being so comfortable talking to him we started our conversations.And that “comfortable” meant talking 24/7.Sharing everything We never did to anyone.Talking about every disgusting thing.Maybe we started loving each other.From being just friends,It was now something upgraded.Taking permission to drink.Telling each other our schedules.And then it started to meeting very often.And those meetings ended at a very cute note.Which was your hug.And i’ve always waited for that “end”Moment to come.For you to hug me.I’ve never felt that “peace” in someone else’s hug rather i’ve always felt uncomfortable.I’ve always craved for your hugs.The moment I came from my trip and met you.I couldn’t let you go for 10 minutes and hugged you so tight.And now it was:”iloveyoubestfriend”.”We’re above banda bandi crap”.And it started.Spending the whole day with each other.Hugging each other was a ritual now.And That’s there it was.The new year’s eve.And you went to a party,Taking my permission to drink.And got drunk way too much.And That’s when I recieved your drunk call.And someone just made a drunk call to me.I was on the top of the world.And you said you’re none of my ex’s.I never loved them.Iloveyou.And me almost crying hung up the call and cried for the whole night.It was so special to me.And you started behaving different the other day.It was 3 days now and I saw a different you.And it was 3rd jan 11:11 when I got a long message starting from “it’s 11:11 and my wish right now is you”That’s when you proposed me.And I was so happy and idk what else.And It didn’t even got a second for me to reply.That’s when it started.Day by day.I loved you even more.It was less than a month.We had a challenge to win.And if it all I won you’ve to kiss me.That’s where the “naughty”Us began.And probably I lost the challenge.And there it was a “very” special moment.You kissed me.Though i’m sorry for stealing your first kiss.But thankyou for making my first kiss so special.And kissing everytime was something made us felt loved.From kissing in the lifts to never.It was a month now.And we started with a long message again on 11:11.And again craving to hug you.We met again.It was getting special everyday with me being serious everyday.We fought alot.ALOT.Everyday.But somehow it made us even more special.It was us.To the day when I almost slit my wrist.Youknow why?Because It was hurting me.And it didn’t affect you rather you broke up with me.Thinking it was my mistake I came back to you pleading to stay with me.You wanted the night to think.And you said no the next day.And I cried for the whole day.And Recieved your text where you said “we’ll work past this too.I’m not gonna let you go”And again not thinking for a second I said yes.It was getting special again.And I trusted you so much.We’were physical too.Not that much.But it was a big deal for me.And it was three months now.And you promised me to meet me on our every month anniversary.And You were busy with something.I understand.It was okay.And we went for a movie too.Which was so bleh.But watching you was my favourite thing to do.My head on your arms.My hand holded yours so tight.That’s where I dreamt to be.And how can I forget the time when you were so stressed on your boards?Probably the worst month but remember I stood by you.You shouted at me.You did so wrong to me.I was there for you.And when I needed you.I pleaded you to meet me and hug me you said “roz roz ka bahana ni hai mere paas”Umm okay.I was hurt.Someone who wanted to meet me everyday said this.I pleaded you to talk to me.You were busy.And you broke up.
    You ended it all.You made these three months not worth it.You did to so rudely and said “I dont feel for you anymore”.How could you?I loved you.How could you not love me?You ended it on such a note that I was heartbroken.You left me alone crying.And didn’t even bothered to look at me.I was all alone.Nobody was there.I came back to you a hundered times.You were not ready.You’ve killed the innocent me.You broke my heart.The moment I needed you.You slapped everything on my face.After getting my self respect wounded so badly.I wrote so many long messages to you.And you never replied to a single one.I hope you’re reading this.Know that you broke someone who always loved you.Thanks for being selfish.
    Have fun,
    -Some broken heart.

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  • _amkb_ 142w

    Don't feel guilty because you fell for someone who was never yours,
    Don't feel guilty because you're falling for someone who can never be yours.
    Instead be proud of yourself.
    You have the power of finding kindness finding love even in the darkest of this world of humans.


  • _amkb_ 142w

    Wohh Zeher Pilate Hai Tu Shehed Samajhke Pile,
    Wo Jhuta Haqq Jatata Hai Tu Sacha Pyaar Samajhke Jile.,
    Tu Sach Janta Hai Tere Pyar Ki Nhi Koi Kimaat,
    Fitrat Dukh Dene Ki Aur Buri Hai Unki Siratt...!


  • _amkb_ 142w

    Kuch Logo Ne Meri Aukat Pr Ungliyaan Uthayi Thi,
    Pyaar Krne Ki Glti Pr Gaaliyaan Sunayi Thi,
    Shayar Banaya Shayariyan Likhi Jiske Pyaar Mein,
    Judaa Kia Tb Bhigaa Aasuon Me Fir Na Bhigaa Kabhi Barsaat Me,
    Husn Ke Jaal Jo Duniya Pr Bichate The,
    Akal Se Shatir Aur Shakal Se Bichare The,
    Chup Tha Mein Uss Pall Bhi Aaj Bhi Chup Hu,
    Usse Akela Aur Barbaad Dekh Aaj Mein Khush Hu.


  • _amkb_ 152w

    I will forgive you without even realizing how much pain you gave me
    How many tearful nights you gave me
    How many reasons you gave me to be heartbroken
    And you'll never realise your fault? The one who gave me so much pain, now enjoying hi life with no regret in his eyes?

    I'll still love you even for the pain you gave me!

  • _amkb_ 157w

    Bas Itni Hi Thi Zindagi Meri Itni Hi Zindgani,
    Uska Sath Janmon Ka Samjha Pr Woh Nikli Thi Begaani...,
    Rooh Jod Raakhi Thi Jisse Ab Tak,
    Thukrake Hume Khush Reh Payegi Kab Tk...,
    Paison Me Nilaam Tu Nahi Mera Pyaar Hua Tha,
    Tujhe Kya Malum Dard-E-Ishq
    Me Mera Kya Haal Hua Tha,
    Hass Hass Ke Jiine Wala
    Roo Roo Ke Barbaad Hua Tha...,
    Bas Itni Hi Thi Zindagi Meri Itni Si Hi Kahani...!


  • _amkb_ 159w

    I will forgive you without even realizing how much pain you gave me
    How many tearful nights you gave me
    How many reasons you gave me to be heartbroken
    How much hate you gave me
    I will forgive you without even realizing how much pain you gave me

  • _amkb_ 159w

    Jina Asi Tenu Chahnde Si,
    Kash Tu Vi Sahnu Ohna Chahunda,
    Jina Asi Tenu Pyaar Kita Si,
    Kash Tu Uss Pyaar Da Mool Paunda,
    Mai Tenu Nahi Tu Mainu Gwaya Si,
    Pyaar Mai Tan Dil Naal Kita,
    Par Tu Te Jism Da Mul Paya Si...!


  • _amkb_ 160w

    Jina asi tenu chahnde haa
    Kash tu vi sahnu ohna chahunda
    Jina asi tenu pyaar Kita
    Kash tu vi us pyaar da mool paunda
    Jinha mai puri duniya toh wadh tere naal dil laaya s
    iKash tu vi menu unha hi pyaar krda

  • _amkb_ 161w

    What if he says no?
    Asked the girl.
    The old lady smiled,
    And said,
    "Best not live scared of thorny rose they live scared that they'll never find a rose"