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  • _akanksha20 72w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Obsession

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    She have self obsession she is just adoring herself ✨

  • _akanksha20 89w

    Bring upon me the "chaos" you hide in your eyes

  • _akanksha20 89w

    Forever together !

    Having a tight hug when she comes home after having a really tired day
    A 'masala chai with crunchy pakoda' on a rainy day
    A simple gift for her friends on the first meeting , Respect for her parents
    Help in every household little thing which she do
    Chocolates amd a hot water bag for her periods cramp
    A romantic film together after a long day , cuddles all night before going for the few days of work trip ,
    Every little things which he do for her shows the love twice from earlier and seek the more and more respect and love for him
    It really makes him , like he is cheese to her pizza ,rain to her monsoon ,moon of her stars and the beat of her heart
    The love will always keep growing and growing forever and ever

  • _akanksha20 89w

    Everything will be alright

    It's okay to not be okay for sometime!
    Right ?
    I always keep saying this thing to me
    I think I really wanted someone to say that it's okay everything will be fine !
    But deep down I know that it's just words this sentence didn't mean for itself ,some situation are the worst to face but when you only not able to understand what you feel is kinda really hurtfull situation ,but one thing I always tried not to forget that whatever happens I just have to keep saying these words to me 'that everything will be fine 'i don't know what was that everything ,but I just tried my best to make everything better and I just loved myself without letting me bother whatever happens in life ! And it's works gradually...just love yourself and love your soul you will feel thar everything is really being alright

  • _akanksha20 116w

    The rain under
    Your eyes are
    Painting new scars
    And one day when
    Light break through it
    And spread it's warmth
    You will realise that
    Sun inside you
    Is not too far

  • _akanksha20 120w

    He is calm to my crazy
    I am the one who is crazy to his calm
    Isn't we perfect for each other...!

  • _akanksha20 140w


    How many times
    Do you expect me to
    Keep coming back to you

  • _akanksha20 140w


    Hey , are you up?
    I wanted to text you
    But then I remembered
    We don't talk anymore

  • _akanksha20 141w


    Please do not plant
    Your love
    In a heart ❤️
    Which have...no sun

  • _akanksha20 141w


    When you see..a close person
    Changes daily
    And you say nothing
    Because you are too hurt
    To even argue or fight