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  • _aishal 7w

    From calling you a little melted marshmellow to a sweet candy and many other sweet nicknames. I met you when I was just 5 at a candy store where i wanted to buy my all time favourite raspberry candy but a bought a strawberry one instead. Wanna know the reason why? Because you my marsmello took the last candy on the rack and when i was about to cry, you with a koala smile came upto me and handed me a strawberry and asked me if i ate too much because my face was red from anger and crying. I did eat that and loved it. That was when i got a lesson that it is really important to try something new in your life. We always to meet at the candy shop on every Saturday because our favourite candies used to come with a special badge that day. Spending every moment with you was one of my favourite thing to do, not just because of our bond but because our little funny talks that we had. With you i never had any worries. I felt like a river that has just came out of glaciers and is floeing without any disturbance.
    But i forgot thag we had to grow up and we were also going to have alot of stones and division and it came when we were just 15. You stayed in the frosting woods of Alaska and I came to the warmth of California where the sounds of waves and shine of sea shells welcomed me. From a snow and candy lover, i became a sun and candy lover and i guessed that our chapter was close and our journey was this small only.
    As they say one small piece can either complete the puzzle or can leave it incomplete forever just like that you had the last piece and decided to complete it. One text from you that changed everything 'Hope you are coming back for vacations and it is Saturday and tge candies are gonna come with a special badge, so let's add it to our collection. See you soon.' I guess our story was just burried under the layers of snow and sand and when the warmth and wave came it eroded the layer to again make us bloom.
    Our story again started as i came back to Alaska but the winds this blew in my North direction as if it was preparing me for yoy, the temperature was as expected cold but the day was not same as today as it was the time for Northern lights. Remembering every moment i spent with you, tears of happiness started rolling down my cheeks but then you backhugged me. Taking me in your embrace you whispered "Thanks for bringing the warmth back in my life, would you like to just stay with me and keep mw warm!?"....
    Wondering what happened afte that? So today here we are again under those same asymmetrical lights after 5 years since we are together but today everything just came back to me like the wind that welcomed me. Like the same botlle coming back to its owner on the shore but with a different message. Those words when you kneeled down and said "Will my warmth become my forever sun?" reminded me everything about us. From cheeks being red because of crying as you took my candy to them being red cause i was blushing because of you. Our story reamined unfurbished our hearts remained uncganged. Our souls got together and our destiny tangled with each other once again.

    @_aradhya @maahiii do give it a read

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    "Calling you at night might me a mistake but i wanna make that mistake and also want you to do the same"
    A bit long
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  • _aishal 8w

    A pen in hand and flood of thoughts in mind,
    With some abandoned thoughts with hundreds of meaning lying behind.
    Every moment for us is like story to be furbished,
    With enormous thoughts and verses to be finished.
    Look from our sockets and a whole ambitious world you will see,
    With anaphoric moments and intruguing similies.
    Who are we and how we do it ?
    We are writers, we write to express our every bit.

    Our words are our weapon and a voice to change,
    Emotions are our inspiration and a reading mind is our wage.
    There's a caputured fragrance of calmess in our chaotic proses,
    You will find the shinniest light in our darkest pieces.
    Our aura spreads through words like smell of dried fenugreek,
    From patriotic poems, emotional verses to spine chilling stories and sarcastic limericks.
    Read a line and you will kniw our power,
    We can focus on one in story and all in one liner.
    Why we do it and why we adore,
    We are writers, we write with the feathers of our wings to soar.

    We are writers who write to raise,
    Amplify our words to echo for the souls to come out in this generation's judgemental maze.
    We write to change and to feel,
    For a silenced voice to be heard and a broken heart to heal.
    We are like divers who for finding words, in the deepest oceans we dive,
    We are writers, who write to love and write to live and keep the essence of fiction alive.

    Dedicated to all the amazing and ambitious writers out there.
    @_aradhya @maahiii #writers#wod#love#penit#unfinishesverses

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    We Are Writers.....

    To all the amazing and euphoric writers on Mirakee

  • _aishal 9w

    "The burning smell of your jelousy remicises the fragrance of sweet lavender of your immortal love"

  • _aishal 9w

    Oh dear, dear me,
    Why be a quitter? When a conquerer you can be.
    Sorrows exist but there's that happiness surrounds,
    A failure will always hit to mske you strong,
    But the choice is yours to make it a whine or a melodious song,
    If flying didn't work then win it from ground.
    O! My dear you are the bravest soul,
    For one stumble won't destroy your goal.

    Oh dear, dear me,
    Why live in dark when the brightest spark you can be.
    Darkness comes but fireflies beautify it,
    Don't get dim for dark the silhouettes becomes to make you shine,
    Even the most black cloud has a silver line,
    Why hide your colours when they can glow up this world's every bit.
    O! My darling, you are the shiniest diamond in the mine,
    Just one blindspot won't take your divine.

    Oh dear, dear me,
    Why to spread hate when love you can see.
    Even God spares the sinner and Lucifer accepts the evil,
    Sun never wraths when the clouds cover,
    Moon never wars when the night is over,
    Learn to forgive, for even angels give a chance to devils.
    O! My love you have the power to quench the barren and make it green with you love that holds the power to heal,
    Just one hate cannot deny this appeal.

    Just see from a different dimension,
    Your agression will become your hope's ignition.
    Oh dear, dear me,
    Open your eyes for you are a miracle to be.

    @_aradhya @maahiii #poem Back after a long time. Hope you all are safe and fine����

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    Oh dear, dear me,
    You are a miracle to be.

  • _aishal 24w

    She was poytion to the poision and a blessing infront of the curse
    But wasted her soul and love for a heart thag was never hers
    Walking with pride an honoured lady she was
    Astonishing were her steps and mesmerising was her beauty
    Was stubbornly vowed to her thoughts and her duties
    But everything faded in just one cause
    She was blood to the vein and a colour enough to fill the universe
    But drained herself for a heart that was never hers

    He kept her waiting and she kept on waiting
    She was the beauty who waited for the beast
    Her vibe was the energy to her body and she gracefully wore the scar on her wrist
    She was was the warm colour on a cold grey evening
    The bench broke where she sat
    And the colurs she spread were gone
    The lights got dimmer and closed the act
    She faded with the dust like a devil has summoned

    She was the fragnance to the perfume and the meaning to a verse
    She wasted and graved herself for a heart that was never hers����
    #love#lostlove#fadedlove#heartlost#waitedloveandheart#pod @maahiii @triptiverma

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    A That Was Never Hers

    She was enough to fill colours in a colourless universe
    But waited and wasted herself for a heart that was never hers.......

  • _aishal 40w

    As Atrika denied in a strange manner Adhivesh asked Ripsha about it and also why she is different but does not accept it! Then Ripsha said " Today in the evening at 6:30 visit this address and you will get to know everything". At 6:30 when Adhivesh arrived at the address he was confused as the board said 'Hall for the unique ones'. He entered the hall and saw that there were some people who were sitting in a circle and also they were talking about something. Adhivesh was confused but then he saw the information about session and understood that it was actually a session for people who were unique as they had Autism but then he saw Atrika and some things got cleared in his mind as he thought tgat she might be assisting the people to open up but the story was different as a lady named Mrs.Drisha Devakar asked Atrika to tell everyone about herself. Atrika came in the middle of the circle and started telling about herself. She said " Hi I am Atrika Trivedam and I am 13. I was born in Hyderabad but my mom is south indian and my dad he is from Rajasthan. We shifted here in Tampa when i was 3 because of my treatment.I have GPS(Grammatical Pedentary Syndrome and also my brain nerves are a bit twisted. One of the reasons i canr resist correcting someone's grammar and also for me simple things are complicated. I am one of the youngest people to have it as it is not common in students. I have to undergo a surgery for untwisting them but i will forget what happened with me in past 6 months. And also i accept myself." She said it in a pecular way. As the session ended Adhivesh met her and told that Ripsha told her that she was here. Atrika said that its ok but Adhivesh interrupted and told her that she needs to accept herself for who she is and stop pretending to be normal as she should appriciate that she has such good grammar and also her knowledge is amazing and our flaws are something that make us beautiful. Atrika said that nobody has ever told her this and she was glad to him in her life and also that day she accepted herself but she was sad she might forget him and this talk due to her surgery but both of them were happy as they got to know each other.
    After a week of her surgery everything happened in the same way as before. Adhivesh again bumped into her said the same things but this time when he said that she was different Atrika said " Yes i am because i have GPS and i am proud of it because at last its your flaws thar make you beautiful and i also accept myself".Although she forgot him but not his words and also by accepting herself she actually broke this prison of not accepting herself. We all have imperfections but accepting themselves and flaunting them is what makes us all beautiful and perfect.
    @maahiii@_aradhya# love# perfect#accept#loveyourself#flauntyourflaws

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    Tangled Strings Of Mind

    'ACCEPT' yourself and break this prison called "I am Normal like others"

  • _aishal 41w

    "And then i was behind the bars for not accspting myself",said Atrika in her dreams and suddenly woke up scared as she thought that it was the reality. "Atrika get ready or you are going to be late for your school and it's the first day of your new semester" said her mom, Mrs.Nisha Trivedam. Atrika got ready took her pills and went down where her best friend Ripsha was already waiting for her. Ripsha Diwankar was her best friend because she used to understand her in her every situation. She took her breakfast with her Ripsha and then took her lunch and left for school.
    " Hope everything will be fine !" said the new student Adhivesh. Adhivesh was new and then he met Niraj and they both went to their class where while entering he bumped into Atrika and said " I am sorry for that by the way myself Adhivesh Tiwari". But rather than saying anything else Atrika said " It should be ' I am ' because it is more appropiate and my name is Atrika Trivedam". " You are different than everyone" Adhivesh said smiling but Atrika exclaimed with anger that she was normal like evrybody and that is where Adhivesh said " Ok! Miss Normal" he teased her and they went inside the class.
    After class when everybody was leaving Adhivesh asked Atrika and Ripsha whether they would like to join him for a walk in the park at 7:00 pm but Atrika denied in a strange manner and asked Ripsha about it. Ripsha said that.........
    What she would have said ??? ?? Stay tuned to find out in the next part.....

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    Tangled Strings Of Mind

    She is different but pretends to be normal. And there is a reason stay tune to find out.

  • _aishal 43w


    Spreading happiness is easy but being the reason for someone's happiness is not...

  • _aishal 54w

    Lost in dark
    Don't know where to go
    Not a single hope's spark
    Nothing to say, nothing to show
    Standing alone in dark yet so comforting
    My body's hating but my soul's loving
    Lonliness they defined, darkness they say is on hunt
    Solitude I reply with the beauty of light burnt
    Deeper the thoughts, deeper the sink
    Still at a place looking around
    Legs still, eyes wont blink
    Waiting for darkness to surround

    Lost in dark
    Don't know where to go
    Not a single hope's spark
    Nothing to say, nothing to show
    Looking ahead but only darkness to see
    Sad to think but happy to be
    Sinistrous they said, horrifying they described
    Pulchritudinous I said, soothing I replied
    Darker the darkness, brighter the shine
    Flesh and bones say its harmful but soul say its divine

    Lost in dark
    Don't know where to go
    Not a single hope's spark
    But one thing to say and one to show
    I wandered leaving those negetive thoughts and weight behind
    Dark for you, not for me
    As I am not lost in life but in thoughts of my own world in my own mind.
    @_aradhya @_maahi #poetry #thoughts

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  • _aishal 67w

    I am cinderella who wears a cute short dress
    I know how to handle my emotions and the whole society
    I dont need a prince to save me from my depression and anxiety
    Yes i can be a protagnist in today's story and i can truly set it to glory
    I am today's Cinderella and this is it
    And for my beautiful life i dont need a prince for it

    I am snow white and i have a selfish and sassy attitude
    For myself I can be polite and rude
    I have seven dwarfs to di the chores
    Not because I am lazy but because that's not a lady's job
    I am a sanguine person and i can can be a beautiful moment unless you are nice and not only ask me to whisper
    And if you will show your cruelty on me i can be your most dangerous sinister
    I am today's snow white and that is it because to wake me up from my depression and failure sleep i dont need a kiss of a prince

    I am a princess of today's world
    I can good,bad,polite and an independent girl
    I dont only whisper but also raise my voice wherever it is needed
    Today I know what I have to do and where I am headed
    I dont always wear a ball gown and keep my eye contact low
    Yes i wear short dresses and I not always walk gracefully and slow
    I am a princess for today's world and that is it
    Because for my successful and beautiful life and to fight from the society I don't need a privmce for it

    @_aradhya@the_power_of_words #inspiration #poetry

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    Princess of today's world