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  • _abhijit_ 47m

    Thoughts and Feelings

    The kites were flying high up in the sky,
    The cows were noisy and dogs barked too,
    Fields muddy with fresh rain, as if mist.
    Sun was getting down, painting the sky pink,
    Clouds were cotton candy, hung from the heavens.

    Then it happened...
    All of a sudden, out of nowhere...
    The sight kept still, the world revolved,
    Daffodils danced frenzy, to the wild winds,
    That swirled as if a feather in thin air.

    A long pause of motionlessness.
    And then thoughts ceased to exit.

    It's said feelings follow thoughts,
    But there, thoughts were nowhere to be seen.
    Yet the feelings existed without thoughts!
    As if oozing out of an unknown origin,
    Somewhere forbidden, from an uncertain depth,
    Just the feelings, without thoughts...

    It's not a possibility,
    For feelings to exist without thoughts.
    Unless one is detached,
    From one's identity, originality.

    From identity, born are the thoughts,
    From thoughts, emerges the feelings.

    After each thought settles down,
    Into a sedimented form, for feelings,
    To slowly emerge out of its thick paste,
    Like an odor, as the paste reacts to air.

    Feelings have the same color as the thoughts,
    a little less diverse, more faded.

    But, if there's no paste of thought present,
    Yet the feelings are emerging out of the flask,
    As if fumes of thick white smoke,
    Then it's a sign, air is reacting to air.
    Which is not a reality, but a myth.

    Emptiness reacting to nothingness,
    To produce feelings!
    It's a mirage, a trap into the unreal,
    As if a dream, which seems real to the dreamer.
    It hurts when one gets hurt in a dream,
    The absent-unreal pain does feel real.

    Oh dear one, do take note of it,
    Feelings can only occur when there's thoughts!

    But if your mind is blank,
    With thoughtlessness.
    Yet your heart is overflowing,
    With immensity of feelings.
    Then my friend,
    You are infatuated!

  • _abhijit_ 2d

    India ♥️

    It doesn't matter if they completely destroy India from within.

    We will create multiple India all over the world from outside.

    Because India is not just a geographical location, it's a spirit, an ideology, a concept of life, a ray of hope midst darkness, and the harmony of diversity. It will continue to prevail without even a fixed geographical location attached under its name.

    The original name of India was Bharata.
    Bha for Bhava.
    Ra for rhythm.
    Ta for tal.

    Any place, irrespective of the geographical location, which exhibits life in sync with bhava, rhythm, and tal, is a Bharata.


  • _abhijit_ 5d

    Eyes do Speak

    Do you know how much your eyes speak?
    I must say a lot, only if one listens.
    Sometimes midst your childlike laughter,
    They reveal a great loss from your childhood.
    As if a void between your laughter's pauses.
    You distract yourself as soon as you hear,
    The beatings of your heart longing there.
    That hour of dark, still haunts you,
    As if midnight ringing bells that don't exist.
    Your restrained smile and a close heart,
    Beholds within them your dearest treasure.
    The world won't know any of it, as you,
    are the ferocious guard, preserving those times.
    The dreams you wish to achieve,
    And the nightmares you see midst slumber,
    Speak of unheard voices and unwritten words.
    You may choose to ignore all of it,
    And pretend delight in those twinkling eyes.
    But I hear your beating heart, sobbing voices,
    Which exists midst the space between me and you.

    I can only pretend, just as you, to know you,
    Exactly how you wish me to know you
    But as you space out, staring into thin air,
    There's a prolonged moment of void in space;
    As if you ceased to exist here in the now,
    And your heart sunk into those voices.
    Taking you in to the time of your great loss.
    I don't see you here, but there where you are,
    Searching madly in a time that's long gone.
    There in a different time, in a different moment,
    You find it, and suddenly you are at ease.
    That's what scares me the most.
    Because at this point, your present form turns pale.
    Your breath slow, as if none, and your smile turns true.
    That's the most horrible sign, your true smile.
    It can't be, as it only means you got what doesn't exist.
    In a frozen past, you feel so comfortable,
    That you wish never to return back to present.
    In that moment of spaced-outness, I hate to shake you,
    snapping you out of that fake Oasis;
    Into this bitter reality you so hate, forgive me.
    I would rather watch you sad in something real,
    Than watch you happy in something unreal.
    I know how much you try to hold back your tears,
    Infront of me, so as not to reveal your sad truth.
    But I know, that's why I pretend of not knowing.
    So that you can be as you are, the way you wish to be.

    I can't say you not to be sad, nor can I cure tragedy,
    As you don't want me to know in the first place.
    So that you can be the happy one infront of my eyes,
    And of course, I let you be so, always.

    Sometimes, when I see you staring at the stars,
    Sitting alone on your terrace, I try to see what you see.
    Most of the time I fail to do so, I must admit.
    But sometimes, I do see it, as my eyes fills up.
    Even though my sight blurred, my vision so clear.
    I see him lift you up in his arms, he's glowing,
    As if a thousand suns burning within him,
    With a bright halo over his head, affectionate eyes;
    And little you laughing and playing in his arms,
    Trying to poke and tickle his nose with your tiny fingers.
    The days of laughter, and of warmth.
    The days where you felt most protected.
    The days of a different time, your lost childhood.
    And then, as usual, you start seeing everything,
    Once again, and then all over again.
    With your thoughts taking you rapidly though time,
    Your dried eyes keep staring at the stars,
    Until you reach the point of that fateful night.
    There, the glow starts to fade, and like every time,
    It's time for departure, the time for the void to return.
    Everything completes itself in circles,
    And finally your dried eyes start to swell up.
    I stop seeing you at this point,
    Not because I can't see you cry, but because,
    I feel helpless, as if a nameless memory.
    By the time you get up, the moon's already,
    On the other side of the dark sky.
    Dawn's mysterious breeze is flowing,
    We both feel the same breeze, yet feel world apart.
    You feeling as if the world has emptied itself,
    As you drag your feet to sleep.
    Me feeling overwhelmed as if its too much to take in,
    As I find myself unable to move, heavy as a stone.

    I know someday, you would share your void,
    With a different soul, a different world,
    And I may not be a part of any of it.
    But you must know how much your eyes speak,
    And there's the ones who can listen.


  • _abhijit_ 1w


    You know, once upon a time, he used to be so excited about guiding people. The people whom he considered to have potential and the ones who stuck by him during the dark hours. A number of people actually, he believed to be true. He thought that if he would guide them, they all can rise together. He really wanted not just to help, but to make them thrive in their own lives. It was very much within his capabilities to be able to do that. He assumed, "we" can do it.

    But as time passed by, things started happening, and he started making way. He let out a hand, for them to hold, so that he can pull them up. But to his surprise, they started protesting against him. Instead of letting him help them get out of the hole, they wanted him to stay in that same hole. They started throwing stones at him. Instead of allowing him to lift them up, they started pulling him down. They had remained in that shitty hole for so long that now it felt like their home, and a new dawn, or a new journey upwards seemed like a nightmare to them. The one trying to climb out of that hole became their opponent, or someone who never belonged to their tribe. They started hating him.

    Ultimately he decided to make the journey alone. He let go of all the weight that was pulling him down, he let go of his people whom he used to think as a family once upon a time. Life is too precious trying to make fools understand, instead walk your own path, live a beautiful life. Sometimes we have to learn that not everyone can make it, no matter how hard you try to make them succeed. Not everyone has the same soul as you, let them be as they wish to be.

    You, who is trying to get out of that shitty hole, lose all that weight first. It will be much easier. May God give you courage to let go, and the will to climb.

    They may or may not follow, don't bother looking back. Keep moving forward. Many a sunrise awaits you beyond the blurry horizons of those cloudy mountains. The swamp beneath which you may find yourself for the time being, won't last long, it also has an end to it, the lush green grass would soon start to appear. Keep climbing, keep pushing, and reach the top, the view is stunning.

    And who knows, whom you may encounter there, sitting on the top, watching the same view, having the same soul as you.


  • _abhijit_ 1w


    Many people complain that I am egoistic and proud.

    To those fuckers:
    Of Course I am, because I earned it moron. Why don't you too do something you can feel proud about?

    Such sad losers who complain about my pride have nothing in their own lives to feel proud about.

    They ask me "why can't you be humble?".
    You see, being humble or not, is a choice. It's not mandatory to choose the former.

    I chose not to be humble because I have earned my ego.


  • _abhijit_ 1w

    Eye contact

    I avoid looking into people's eyes to prevent them from getting intimidated by me.


  • _abhijit_ 2w


    What makes a country developed, is not the people, not the culture, not the language, not the technology, not the infrastructure, not the education, not the geographical location, not any external factors.

    What makes a country developed, is the government. It's solely the government upon which everything depends, it's the driving force, or the core of any country which determines whether or not it's going to be developed.

    Give any backward country a good government, the country will be upgraded to 'developing' gradually over the years. Give any developed country a bad government, the country will be degraded to 'developing', gradually over the years.


  • _abhijit_ 2w


    Powerful wo nahi hai jiska koi weaknesses nahi ha, ya phir jo apni weakness ko chupa k rakhta ha.

    Powerful wo hai, jiska har weakness Jaan k bhi, tum uska kuch ukhad nahi paoge.


  • _abhijit_ 2w


    Always remember, the career is there to serve you.

    You are not here to serve a fucking career.


  • _abhijit_ 2w


    Mujhe fark nahi padta issue kya ha. Is it about woman empowerment, feminism, sexism, gender related, religious, nationalism, emotional, intellectual, parental, substance related etc etc. I don't fucking care what the issue is. All I check is, if there's a balance between what's injustice or justice. That's all I care, the balance. My job is only to maintain balance, that's all. And to maintain the balance, I can go to any extent.