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  • _abhijit_ 1w

    Dating tips for boys:

    Dear boys, let me give you some free wisdom about dating, especially if you are starting out on dating. Here's how you are going to spot the red flags.

    - She talks more about her childhood than any other phases of her life. She expects you to talk about childhood too, instead of other phases. In case you bring up other phases, that's a turn off for her.
    That's a pretty good reason to be alert. Chances are, she's running away from other phases of her life, which she considers as dark. No problem in ignoring few topics, but if she's constantly stepping into her deep past, while she was a little girl, it only means she's identifying herself there. She's identifying herself with the phase when she was little, when she assumes she was innocent, pure, naive and above all herself. Going back to childhood repeatedly is a strong sign she's lost in her adulthood. You must run away from the "lost" ones, they will suck the life out of you. They tend to be attracted towards males who are "healer" or who are not lost, and strongly identified with themselves. They tend to take the validation from them, to fill up the void in their own heart. You will lose tremendous amount of your own identity in trying to be with them, because they will take away a very big part of you to stabilize themselves. So heres the tip, if she's going too much into childhood, if she's always interested in making you discuss about childhood. It's high time you take this into serious consideration. Do not take it lightly, even if most guys do. Any sound woman will never go to childhood obsessively, she will be comfortable with all her phases of life, because she has cultivated acceptance, instead of escape.

    - She casually says you, "you men are same". Now here is a serious red flag. It can only mean she's comparing you, maybe with her ex may be to whatever she saw in the media. This is not an insult to your ego she's making, it's a matter of her own. Somehow she's not satisfied with self validation, and is expecting something from an external source down the line. That external source is you, and you are failing to provide. This comparison is the most unhealthy thing she can do to you and herself. It also forms a pattern for her over the years, because she has practiced it enough. If she's comparing you with her ex, then no matter what you do, she will always feel incomplete. Because she have lost something which can't be replaced by anyone, her own former self. The memories tend to bend over the years, and even the worst of experiences tend to appear sweet in mind's eye. Chances are this phenomenon is not new to her, and putting comparison into the plate leaves you in no better place than what you might have gotten into. Another theory is, she's heavily influenced by feminism ideology. No doubt that feminism is good and it's meant to uplift equality and women in general. But nowadays feminism is twisted beyond it's limits, the original version of feminism is lost, and modern feminism is tinted with hate for men in general. These are the signs you should stay away from.

    Ps: The rule is simple, if you want a stable dating life, then date a woman who have identified herself, and have no identity issues. But yes, if you just wanna fuck around, then please ignore my above words and do whatever the fuck you want. My words are only for those who are making a genuine effort but struggling to make the right move. I know dating these days is a dangerous activity, you never know what you might land up with, that's why it's so important to take note of signs before its too late.


  • _abhijit_ 1w

    Sometimes, in the darkness of your thoughts, you will find me. Know that in that moment, I have found you too.


  • _abhijit_ 1w

    The previous generation parents told the teachers, "just leave the face, and hit wherever you want. You have all the freedom to beat the shit out of him".

    Me to my future child's teachers, "if you dare to even point a finger or raise an eye on him/her, I will break so much bones in your body you will lose count".

    Dear teachers, your duty is to teach. Do your job and fuck off.


  • _abhijit_ 2w

    Sitting beside railway tracks at night, a chill autumn breeze sweeping away, and the shadows of trees dancing in tune with it. Three boys with friendship, cigarettes and tea, lookedinto the oblivion, as a slow music played away in the background. They all talk about their girlfriends, their love, their romantic experiences, and how beautiful she appears in the little time they get to meet. Each of the boys shares their feelings, no details, just feelings, pure feelings. Heaven slowly unfolds in those railway tracks.


  • _abhijit_ 2w

    No you can't.

    Especially in Odisha, I have heard this term used excessively almost by every parent, "jodi se kori paruchi tahale tu bi kori paribu". Which literally translates to "if he/she can do it, you too can".

    You see, teaching this to children is a horrible mistake elders are making, it's not just wrong, but dangerous. By pushing this stupid philosophy into tender minds, they are ripping apart their individualism, and forcing them into the crowd mentality.

    It's important to acknowledge that you are unique in your own right, far different from others. So, if he can do it, you think you too can, because that's what they taught you. But think for a second, do you have what it takes to do it, what he have?

    Do you have their skills, do you have their merit, their knowledge, their experiences, their patterns of thoughts, their philosophies of life, their way of living, their mind and their heart, their state of being, their level of realizations, their visions, their purpose, their reasons and intentions, their dedications and commitments, their natural instincts, their way of growing, their maturity, their insights?? Do you really have what they have?

    Yes, to some extent you can cultivate some of their things into your own life, but by no means you can copy the entire spectrum. Even if you manage to do it what they have done, still its going to be a different experience for you, depending on so many factors. You can never have what they have, you can never completely do what they have done.

    So stop copying, stop comparing, and most importantly, ignore your parents and teachers when they say "if he/she can, you too can".

    Believe that you are unique, far different a being from others, and you are bron to do what only you can do. Find out your own purpose and do only that, and trust me, what you can do, no one else ever can.

    And yeah, if you still try to do what he/she have done, you are only trying to copy their purpose, not living your own life. You are here, to live your very own and unique life.

    Stop following the crowd, they are all lost.

  • _abhijit_ 3w

    Pura ka Pura duniya hi tumhare khilaf kyun na ho, agar bhagwan tumhare saath ha, toh koi bhi tumhara kuch ukhad nahi sakta.


  • _abhijit_ 5w

    Dear self,

    You aspire to do great things for people. But before doing anything and making a fool of yourself, ask yourself this :

    Are they even worthy of it? Do they even care about what you do or give them? Are they mature enough to understand your kindness?

    If no, just STOP! Focus on yourself. Give yourself. Do things for yourself.

    Your future self will thank you for it!


  • _abhijit_ 5w

    Death of a relationship (Part 1 - from the girl's side)

    How to kill a relationship?

    1- You value your bestie more than your partner.

    2- You prefer to share really personal stuff with you bestie instead of your partner.

    3- You make fun of your partner in his absence.

    4- You are "open" to options in case something goes unexpected.

    5- You treat your partner as an outsider, from your immediate personal space.

    6- You think your partner is not your family.

    7- You think he should make you happy and fulfill all your wishes.

    8- You restrict his personal freedom.

    9- You control whom he should mix with.

    10- You get jealous of his girl-friends and expect him not to make you jealous.

    11- You think he should "earn" you everytime.

    12- You think he is there to make your life easier.

    13- You think you are free to walk out anytime you wish.

    14- You think he should learn how to behave with "girls" according to you.

    15- You think it's you who is always in charge, he must follow.

    16- You don't involve him in your girl-circle.

    17- You think there's many boys better than him and you are always open for a change.

    18- You keep him away from your deepest core, so that you can stay safe from getting hurt.

    19- You still think highly about your ex and compare your present partner with him.

    20- You would rather discuss life lessons with your girl-bestie rather than him.

    If you are doing this, no wonder you are failing in every relationship. If you continue doing the above mentioned things, you will continue to fail. Either you go completely in, or just stay out of it, there's no middle ground in a relationship. There's no "let's see", either in or out.


  • _abhijit_ 5w

    Mein hoon na

    There's a thing about most men I have always noticed. They pretend to "know it all"!
    They roam around with a "Mein hoon na" attitude, as if they know everything, they have figured out life and they can solve all your problems. They are the men who get the most attention from females in general, they are the men whom the girls want to date or have them in their lives.
    Generally speaking, most girls are usually dependent on someone who clarify things, who can provide them with solutions, who can take all the responsibilities on his shoulders while they travel light. Most girls are like that, they just want someone to say that he will fix their whole damn life, and they can simply enjoy without any worry.

    Sounds just perfect, right?

    Well, here's the truth. Any person who claims that he knows everything, or he has figured out life, is just a comforting liar! An idiot is always so full of confidence, he thinks he knows it all. But unfortunately, he's just an idiot who is good at comforting with plain lies spoken with confidence, he will mess up your life far more than what it actually is right now.

    True intelligence is known by doubt. A man who is truly intelligent, is rarely confident. He is always cross checking everything, he is full of doubts and questions! He is always unsure yet curious, he's a seeker. He will never say you he knows it all, because he's learning every moment! Only an idiot thinks there's nothing more to learn because he already knows everything.

    Only a true woman can recognize a true man.


  • _abhijit_ 6w

    If you think your partner deserves better.
    Then be better!