Arshi��❤ 19//Meerut�� */Just a sad soul trapped in this ugly world.* :')

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  • _aaru__ 3d

    You just need to be loved in a right way.

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    Never think of yourself worthless, you just need to be treated in a right way. ;)

  • _aaru__ 1w

    I'm in love with Autumn, because it felt, like it came for me, everytime making me feel blessed.
    Tell me what's your favorite season.? And why. :)

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    Some times we feels so greatful, so touched. Because we never thought, one day we too can come this far, never thought the stars in our sky will shine soo brightly, never thought the autumn wind will be so warm for us, As if it came to make us happy.

  • _aaru__ 2w

    Such a blessing, isn't it?.

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    Doesn't it feels nice, to have someone who cares for us, scold us for not taking care of us.

  • _aaru__ 3w

    You're flowers will bloom again.
    Just, Wait for it.

  • _aaru__ 4w

    Fall in love with the nature, humans are kinda scary :).

  • _aaru__ 4w

    Will my happiness will turn into sadness as soon as it passes away.?

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    Will the happiness will stay forever?
    Or it will, go away by the next second.?

  • _aaru__ 4w

    Human nature is weird,
    They will forget all your good deeds instantly, once you do some mistakes.

  • _aaru__ 5w

    You want to cry, and let your emotions go,
    You want to make your head and heart empty, less heavy,
    You want to stop smiling,
    You can't
    All you can do is to,
    Control your tears, you're emotions, you're holo voice.
    You've to act like, as if you're all fine, as if you aren't falling apart.
    But unfortunately, you can't hold on to it anymore,
    Tears starts falling down through your cheeks,
    People around you saw you, they're surprised, they're looking at you as if you've done something wrong, they started asking you, why? Why are you crying? Why do you have to cry? And you wanted to run away from there. You curse yourself to not be strong enough to hold your emotions. You starts finding a place to be alone, away from everyone. So that no one could see how sad you're, so that no one could watch you crying. And scold you for crying without them knowing the reason. And you ended up feeling more miserable.

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    Isn't it's the worst feeling, when you're breaking down but all you have to act like, as if you're all okay. :)

    But until when, can you hold on?

  • _aaru__ 5w

    They made her so confused, so messy that now, she forgot what she actually wanted. Who she was and who she wanted to be.

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    In the mess of what others are telling her, she forgot who she was and what she wanted.

  • _aaru__ 6w

    I'm so proud of myself,
    I know, I'm strong enough.

    So what if, People says you've changed.
    So what if they says you're far.

    Aren't some changes are necessary for oneself,
    Aren't some changes are good for oneself,

    Aren't things that are far are more beautiful,
    Aren't they are more precious to us,
    To everyone,

    Why do I feel bad,
    Yes, I'm changed
    I'm not the person I used to be anymore
    But why should I be sorry about it
    I know, What I'm today is someone I admire
    After suffering so much
    After so much pain, so much disappointments,

    Finally I can say,


    So if anyone out there says, You've changed, you seems like a different person. I'm gonna be happy tbh, for my victory. For myself.

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    If you ever feel bad, when they says, You've changed.

    Take a deep breath, and tell yourself, "I'm so proud of myself ". And smile.