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  • __sni_pan__ 2w

    There's a possibility..
    A strong possibility that someone is
    Consider that.

    However much desirable, scintillating..
    your ideas, your ideology, your Pov
    AND your company might be..
    Someone STILL might not be interested.
    Consider that..

    AND when clearly indicated..
    Learn to lay off..!!!!
    Other people's interest, opinions..
    Attention or lack of it..
    Is NEVER a reflection on who you are..
    Just like, your idea of someone
    Is NOT a reflection on who they are.

    Consider that. Remember that.

    —Always Consider n Remember.

  • __sni_pan__ 4w

    I always Marvel at the Innocence/Craft
    of the People, who think that they can EVER
    Undo any harm/ damage/ disrespect done..

    Disrespect once done cannot be undone
    Words once spoken, cannot be taken back
    Deeds once done, cannot be mitigated..
    Time once gone, is gone..
    THAT was the ONLY Time..
    WHEN it was THE Time..

    So, let me SAVE you a hell lot of Time..
    ..and tell you.. don't even try..

    DON'T EVEN..


  • __sni_pan__ 9w

    The fact that changed everything for me
    was to understand that:

    I don't have to carry..
    ANYTHING I don't want to..
    ..and it is ABSOLUTELY Alright
    If that disappointed people.

    My Life is mine and before ANYONE else
    I have to live for myself.

    I don't have to have conversations
    That I don't want to have..
    I don't have to do meetings
    I don't want to do..

    I don't have to do, say, share, pay for, buy
    ANYTHING I don't want to..
    I don't have to build, plant, lift, carry ANYTHING
    I don't want to..

    I don't have to attend any functions, concerts
    live events, I don't want to..
    I don't have to molly-coddle, pacify, nurture someone
    When I don't feel so inclined..

    In fact I don't even have to acknowledge
    something or someone if I don't want to.
    AND if someone keeps getting into my face
    It's perfectly alright to snub with Silence or in words.

    It's perfectly alright to say a Firm 'No'
    It's perfectly alright to answer in resounding Silence..

    AND I extend the same freedom, space
    and sovereignty to others.

    —Don't want to.. won't do.

  • __sni_pan__ 9w

    Free of the expectations
    Of others..

    Is the best way to Live
    It's the ONLY way to Live.


  • __sni_pan__ 9w

    AND if people don't give you..
    Ignore you.. treat you as Invisible..

    That's just how it is..
    That's JUST HOW IT IS..

    You cannot hold anyone to Ransom
    With your Needs. Your dreams..

    Your Life purpose is yours to live..
    However Noble be your life's purpose..
    You cannot hold others accountable for it.

    That's it.
    That's just it.

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    The management takes
    NO Responsibility for
    Your Expectations, Your Entitlement
    ..AND your Needs/ Wants.

    You chose this path.. this Life
    It's Your Responsibility..
    to walk it, live it.

    Do it if you can..AND IF YOU CAN'T
    Rest.. Quit.. Give up.. go home..
    Cry, Scream.. pull your hair out..
    Do whatever the hell you want..!!

    But you CANNOT project your thoughts
    Your Needs and your wants on others..
    You CANNOT expect others to live for you
    Or provide for your dreams..
    You cannot complain that no one supports you..
    Support is given.. not demanded, not owed, not claimed.

    You can Ask..
    .. but whether you will receive or not
    Is neither yours to decide.. nor contest.

    —Reality Check.

  • __sni_pan__ 10w

    Constructively Sadistic.


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    People love to hate
    Those that they CAN'T control.

    My favourite part is
    To ENJOY that hatred.

  • __sni_pan__ 10w

    ..and there are
    billions of People
    In the World..

    But for me..
    There's only you.

    —Only you.

  • __sni_pan__ 11w

    To, the Wise women that
    You all are, my sisters.. !!


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    The Wise Woman
    Accepts what she's been through
    Acknowledges Her Past and her
    Response to it all
    Comforts herself for all the Violence
    The world did to her..
    Forgives herself for all the Violence
    She did to herself..

    Tells herself..

    "I know Dear.. I know it all..
    I was there.. with you.. within you..
    I went through it all, alongside you.."

    BUT she doesn't dwell on it..
    She doesn't brood on it..

    She doesn't live in her Past..
    She doesn't get bitter over the Past..

    Everyday, She chooses her Present
    Everyday, She chooses herself..

    I wrote this for you Sister..
    Because that Wise Woman is you.

    —The Wise Woman

  • __sni_pan__ 12w

    It is NEVER my Responsibility..
    To be True to your idea/ image of me.

    See the boundaries..
    AND Mind the Boundaries.

    AND REMEMBER to act..
    LESS Self-Important.


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    I am NOTHING like..
    ..how you remember me.

    I am NOTHING like..
    How you thought of me, perceived me.

    I am NOTHING like..
    The image of me in YOUR mind.

    Now.. I DON'T MIND you holding fast to
    What or who you think I am..

    Quite frankly.. it's NONE of my business
    What you think..

    BUT I will sure as hell..
    Raise Hell and all it's horrors..

    If you so much as TRY TO PROJECT..
    your idea of me.. on me.
    ..and reproach or shame me for outgrowing you.

    So.. Remember to keep a healthy distance
    AND ABSOLUTELY Mind the boundaries
    I set for you.


  • __sni_pan__ 12w

    NOT giving the people
    who disappoint me..
    .. another chance to
    disappoint me is:

    My favourite part of being
    An aware, enlightened..
    Totally in control person.

    That's what Adulting is all about..
    That's what self-care and Self-preservation is

    To NOT let Shit slide..
    People ALWAYS know..
    EXACTLY what they are doing..

    AND if they don't..
    Well.. you shouldn't be mixing with that crowd
    .. anyway.

    —disappoint me once.. shame on you..
    Disappoint me twice.. I might as well die.