*Expect the unexpected*

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  • __ritika__ 19h

    जिंदगी के कुछ पन्ने अधूरे छोड़ जाते है
    चलो ना
    थोड़ा आगे बढ़ने की कोशिश करते है

  • __ritika__ 1w

    Teri yeh zulfo ka nazarana ... Mashhoor ho.. teri un nigaho se mujhe tarsana .. mukammal ho... Hum toh nipat gaye husn e jahan teri mohobbat pr.... Chahate beimtehaan tujhe jaise tere ishq ki talab hogayi ho

  • __ritika__ 1w

    ना कुछ मांगा है
    और ना ही कुछ चाहिए
    बस दुआ इतनी सी है
    की जो जैसा है
    वो वैसा ही रहे
    और जो मेरा है
    वो बस मेरा ही रहे ❣️

  • __ritika__ 1w

    Har baar dukh me hi roya nhi jaata
    Kuch aasoon sukoon ke naam bhi hote hai

    Ye baat jaroori nhi ki aansu ko bs gum ka naam diya jaaye
    Jb khush ho tb bhi unhe yaad kr liya kro ❣️

  • __ritika__ 4w

    Any one here belives in destiny?

  • __ritika__ 12w

    Keep the flaws aside n let's smile

  • __ritika__ 23w

    After our fight he always used to say,
    Ki pyaar apni jagah
    Aur jhagda apni jagah

    I love u , n its forever
    Gussa to tum abhi ho ,
    Thodi der me gussa chala jaega
    Pr pyaar humesha rahega

  • __ritika__ 23w

    Trick to make a gf

    Click best photo of a girl
    N see she is all urs

    Ps- Try on ur own risk

  • __ritika__ 23w

    During our loving days, At that time I wasn't aware about his feelings . And as we were chatting he msg me."_ _ _ _ _ _ _"
    N the msg was 7 dots.
    My reaction was ��������
    "What's this???"

    He said, "Find it out or u will get to know on correct time."
    I think of it , what these seven dot means , but I couldn't find the answer , so I said, "okay I will wait"

    Ps- *Any Guess what those dots mean?*
    Or u will get to know in next part .

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    A reason which remain untold

    Part 3
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  • __ritika__ 28w

    After disconnecting the call , I was lost , was trying to gather my pieces... And was thinking what he might be thinking , he don't even ask me why I took this decision. With the rolling tears my phone keeps buzzing with "Happy Birthday' msgs.

    The whole night was very strange, time was passing slowly, And I was lost in his memories. Our first meet up, then how we started our chats , how we became best from good , our laughters and many more things were running in my head.

    And mostly I was missing his presence, I had never thought it will happen. We were so lost in each that this idea of being separated or break up never struck.

    I was feeling ashamed of myself and the feeling of being his culprit , who just broke a innocent heart , a loving person, best friend and soulmate. The entire night I kept staring at the ceiling and fan.

    In the morning at 6 I stepped out of bed and got ready. The day was wierd because there was no msg of "Good morning" from him. This was the first time when I don't got a message. Every single day he would msg me good morning with kiss emojis, n when I woke up the first thing I did was reading his msg n smile. From today onwards all these things will be missed.

    The day however passed out. But in evening when my friends came to celebrate my birthday I missed his presences .

    I remembered how he has celebrated my last year bday, n all the promises I made that I will never leave him alone .

    But I failed to keep my promise.

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    A reason which remain untold...

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