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  • __maryam__ 9h

    Rape is the only crime in which the victim becomes the accused

    -Freda Alder


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    When I look at the mirror
    I see bullet holes brimming with saliva
    The immortal wounds
    They doodled and painted on my skin
    This world is too fair they said
    Thin layers of skin between two bodies
    One withered in pleasure
    And other one pulled off the sighs

    While I was chanting death hymns
    They snorted my sacred holes
    To sate their barbaric appetites
    Sweat stunk like rotten eggs
    But stewed their starving senses
    Now my body smells like a banned cuisine
    Baked in soggy summer
    Carrying the scent and scratches
    Of bloodsuckers

    The hushed nights
    With half-starved scarecrows
    And the soreness I had swallowed
    Between shrieks and freaks
    Sucked out the charmed innocence
    Which used to play peekaboo within me
    My soul is an aesthetic temple
    Worshipped by the white collar saints
    Who harm and farm the feminity

    Clandestine anthem so loud
    Preparing to rest another dupe in shroud
    Chunks of unheard stories scattered
    In roadside avenues and tarred highways
    Alas ! I am living in a cold-blooded world
    Now my breath demands for pause
    But life gifted a lull
    Where I am like a foliar litter
    Over the flowing stream


  • __maryam__ 1d


    Peg of paradox fuddled the dreams
    Different world appeared out of nowhere
    An untamed horizon clasped me
    I was neither happy nor sad
    My senses basked in oblivion
    As if I was enjoying that free fall
    In cloud cuckoo land

    Sky looked like a carbon copy of kid
    who played with acrylic paints and spangles
    My eyes captured an absurd panorama
    Of phosphene's doppelganger
    With every foot step of mine
    The woods and shrubs
    Withered and bloomed
    In the blink of an eye

    I rode a unicorn and plucked black roses
    I was sprinting through the scenes
    Which never fit in reality's frames
    Fantasies in the tip of my fingers and toes
    A lego made out of juxtapositions
    Myths stood tall as skyscrapers

    Trapped in a boycott of perceptions
    Still time moved as an illusory shadow
    It was traveling with me all along the way
    But not as prisoner of gravity
    It passed and passed against all mirages
    But everytime it fooled my vision
    And made me run behind the plastic oasis


  • __maryam__ 1w


    Decoction of sufferings
    Stains and clogs up my throat
    The air I inhale is good from far,
    Far from good
    Fascinating from a distance
    But when I breathe
    Cherry on top that life has offered
    Turns out to be a clown nose
    Airborne pains invite me to death

    Traces of sumo ring flickers
    In my pasteurized thoughts
    A sumo wrestling
    Between eras and chimeras
    The probability of winning falls
    On my pink queen's hand

    Cowardice in my blood
    Feels homesick
    It looks as if they have had a shock
    A shock that shook the root
    Of their ancestors boasting within me
    Most of the time they are scattered
    As breadcrumbs
    Everytime bravery's pressure overpowers
    The hopeless and heavy bones

    Courage go in hand in hand
    With both friction and fiction
    Fiction casts spell on fate
    And fills much riddles in future's plate
    Friction pats smooth edges
    To fight against the odd wedges


  • __maryam__ 1w

    This poem is inspired by Sufjan Stevens’ song
    “Fourth of July”.
    This song is a conversation between Sufjan and his mother, Carrie, while she was dying in the hospital because of stomach cancer.

    //The hospital asked should the body be cast
    Before I say goodbye, my star in the sky
    Such a funny thought to wrap you up in cloth
    Do you find it all right, my dragonfly?//

    -Sufjan Stevans


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    An orb of wickedness
    Crawled and jumped
    Like a notorious toddler
    In your stomach
    You munched timorous sighs
    Between your incisors
    And passed pseudo smiles

    The place I came from was lazing
    In a fatal wildfire,
    My ambling chapel !
    Why you had given the space
    For someone else in your belly
    I dreamt of spangling you
    With my gleams and glitters
    But you chose
    To cover up yourself in white cotton

    I could have eavesdropped on
    Your whispers at pale nights
    It's been several weeks,
    Still silence is what the room speaks
    Oh your departure,
    My pretty lyre !
    Echoing like muffled gunfire
    Within my heavy ribcage

    My mayfly !
    Won't you take a birth
    For one more time to live a day with me
    Your grins and groans are like tides
    Higher and lower in my seas
    Hitting the shore again and again
    And bringing me down to my knees
    My spirit has waxed and waned
    But memories never fade

    Till death carries me way
    Living in crow's blue nest hurts,
    My little cuckoo!


  • __maryam__ 2w

    "I set out to rule the world
    With only a paper shield and a wooden sword"

    -sleeping at last

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    Demarcation lines are step children
    Nurtured by troxler effect
    Fire dot reticle focused on aspirations
    Pseudo boundaries begin to fade

    Dreams are like string of digits in pi
    The more you explore
    The more it will make you suffocate
    To trace the clues in flying saucers

    Caliginous fumes mask amber hues
    Shivery concert in ribcage
    Delirium is like a drop of paraquat
    One accidental sip can demolish hopes

    Uncertainty is better than my alarm clock
    Each day waking me up from dormancy
    Cheering up for graphene skateboard ride
    Over crooked road and daunting hillocks


  • __maryam__ 9w

    B+ is just a blood group.

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    Zigzag martyrdom poke fun
    At my dialectic bishops
    Trying to falsify
    And blame prismatic chessboard

    Cocooned in a malady
    Nurturing collywobbles
    In my starving pouch

    On vacation with delirium
    Practicing polygamy
    To marry hallucinatory reflections

    Tumbleweed underpinned a merry go round
    Rotates anticlockwise
    Bringing back psychedelic carnivals
    In eye sockets

    Few droplets of tears
    Hoodoo my coffee
    Yet I continue to sip it
    Like nectar in cyanide bottle

    Crawling and sprawling
    Weeping and sleeping
    Until another hysteria
    Ferment the bone marrow


  • __maryam__ 9w

    I like the way how infinity molds a hourglass!
    ~Here lies a prisoner of sandstorm

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    Plummeting with sand grains
    In speed of light
    O' quantum jump
    My spaghetti life enjoys
    Tiptop for a split second
    Journey in hourglass
    Stuck between fast-paced
    Two glass bulbs
    Pilgrim of infinity's lemniscate

    Cartwheels across
    The pensive cheval glass
    Oscillating like a pendulum
    Between the eclipses of lifeblood
    Jailbird in forlorn shadows
    Chopped and dropped
    To backstroke
    In excruciating pickle

    Every night cloning pains
    And me have tango
    Over a potter's lathe
    Output is a brand new cliffhanger
    With another unusable wattle and daub
    For a silver-spoon upbringing
    Of netherworld
    Nirvana is out of reticles
    Difficulties shape lives
    For people who play
    Snake and ladder in the land of nod


  • __maryam__ 9w

    "The farther you go, however, the harder it is to return. The world has many edges, and it's easy to fall off"

    -Anderson Cooper

    Gordian knot : Problem solvable only by bold action

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    Wind chimes adopted
    Widow's laughter
    Skylights embraced
    Blues than yellow rays
    Moment of silence multiplies
    In homey coffins
    Foot tracing over needle
    On a broken compass

    Pinwheels dance
    In suburban springs
    While gobbling
    Metropolitan monsoons
    With pros and cons
    Of yesterday's opera
    Seventh heaven diorama
    Descends into lacrimal riverine

    Owned a concave sandcastle
    Where waves sing funeral hymns
    Cruise down the dead sea
    In a paper boat
    Until brackish repression
    Hugs polychrome tumours
    To unfurl sangfroid
    Hidden in notorious Gordian knot


  • __maryam__ 10w

    "You're not born prejudiced; you're taught it."

    Charles R. Swindoll.

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    Plutonic prejudices are heirloom
    In every galloping crust
    Homosexual vague screens
    Spray loathsome mustard gas
    Over heterodox crosshairs
    To imprison them
    Behind home-made Plaster of Paris

    Attach plumage with contemplation
    To escape from prejudged quicksand
    Where maracas are used
    To hit against the sounding blocks


  • __maryam__ 11w

    "An Afghan father who was forced to sell his nine-year-old daughter to a 55-year-old man as a child bride has pleaded with the buyer not to beat the young child - the price Abdul Malik had to pay to feed the rest of his starving family"

    Source : Newshub.

    Disclaimer:This poem is totally based on my POV
    It might be controversial for some.

    • Sunfish can lay up to 300,000,000 eggs at once
    • PG-13: Parents strongly cautioned – Some material may be inappropriate for children under 13.

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    Budding feminine tussocks
    Lives are deck of cards
    In gluttonous blackjack

    Silk stocking anacondas
    Ban the "PG-13" praxis
    In apocalyptic rayon

    French kissing coffin for each penny
    But having a bet
    With ocean sunfish
    To synthesize
    more offsprings per annum

    Adult tussocks
    Snort powder keg
    To dissolve golden childhood
    In opulent aqua regia

    Retired musketeers
    With platinum muskets
    Shoot the marriage laws
    To reward their opal hormones

    Planned parenthood is better
    Than trading callow wombs
    To sate the sobs of parental intestines