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  • __eisha_000 4d


    1 or multiple dose of failure
    1 large bowl of patience
    1 cup vision
    2 tablespoons of hard work
    1 tablespoon of commitment
    1 cup compassion
    1/2 cut kindness
    1/2 cup chopped humour.
    Ice cubes as required.

    Firstly, mix vision, hard work and commitment in a glass jar. Grind to a fine pulp.
    Blend failure and patience for 5-6 minutes till the mixture becomes smooth in texture and mix it well with the pulp.
    Add compassion to it and stir well.
    Squeeze kindness as per taste.
    Garnish with chopped humour.
    Serve chilled.

    Hello amazing souls ��
    #recipe ��
    PC: Pinterest

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  • __eisha_000 5w

    Dust yourself off from all the regrets and guilt. These emotions are proof that you no longer are the same person. Then why to carry the burden of that old you?!

    Keep Evolving!

    PC: P I N T E R E S T ��

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    Everything has been consciously put in our way to awaken us. So how can we wish to go back and change.
    Trust the Universe.
    Eventually, things will start making sense.

  • __eisha_000 7w

    Hello beautiful people!��


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    Sun gave me ardour
    Ardour to give kindness out
    Out to the world
    World of darkness
    Darkness introduced me to the stars
    Stars that rest on my eyes
    Eyes that now only seek the Divine

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    Pain plunged
    Pastel purple
    & instilled
    Profuse pleasure

  • __eisha_000 9w

    Stay conscious and humble.��


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    I promised Myself some good habits.
    They in turn opened up the right door to life.

    I then promised Universe to live in the present moment
    It in turn sent abundance and blessings.

  • __eisha_000 10w

    Good Morning beautiful souls��

    Edit Note: Thank You @writersnetwork �� Grateful always!
    Happy Weekend, Team!

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    Hell and heaven are just in mind
    Wrong and right are sides of the same coin
    Forgive the limited conditioning done by society
    You can walk on that vast sea, just trust your inner guide.

  • __eisha_000 16w

    Hey everyone! Hope you all are well ?!
    It's time to wrap up the year.. Take this time to be thankful.��
    Wish you all a ROCKING New Year! ��


    Edit note: Thank You @writersnetwork for making my new year brighter!���� You are amazing!

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    Thoughts are seeds that grow into bamboo trees
    to reach God and convey our wishes
    as prayers.

    So let's be kind in our thoughts.
    Let's be sage in our actions.
    Let's go ecstatic in rejoining U N I V E R S E.

  • __eisha_000 39w

    Hey everyone

    Please suggest me some
    good books to read.
    Except love stories.

  • __eisha_000 40w

    Go inside yourself. Heaven is waiting for you there! ��

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    'The beauty of a storm'

    And when massive duststorms hit my already blinded eyes,
    my brimful conscience downpours cleansing the insight.