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  • __eisha_000 6w

    Look back only to see the rust of your past becoming gold of future.
    Keep learning from life.
    PS: I don't remember the last time I wrote a poem. Feeling good after writing this one :)

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    A feather so weary & old
    in my unbinded diary
    Kept it in when
    I wasn't so joyous & bold

    Breathing between the pages
    of weeping & shivering poems
    Of times when I never laughed
    It was life just counting ages.

    I heard my name today
    Flipped the pages
    Only to hear the laughter
    from poems of yester days

    Feather was silver & shining
    Poems were dancing salsa
    Colorless backdrop turned rosy
    Black ink felt high upon glittering

    I blew the feather up in sky sublime
    Silver stars came jumping down
    Rested on my eye lashes
    And showed me the timeless time.

  • __eisha_000 7w

    Every colour has its own energy. Just like vitamins?! We need to have all of them for a balanced diet (life) ��

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    How many greys before a pinkish bliss?

    Count the number of deaths between lost and found.

  • __eisha_000 7w

    Hello everyone! I am happy to share that this October marks the completion of three years of me here on Mirakee. I don't remember the date though, but month and year, yes!

    It's true that we can't hold our feelings inside us for long. They ought to come out in some way. Be it love or pain. I remember how the pain of years was stuffed in me and how @miraquill came into my life at the right time. It gave me the the medium to vent out everything that was choking me. I shared my pain with strangers. No one judged. But rather helped me in ways I could never imagine.
    Strangers became healers. Healers became friends.

    I can recall how initially it began with hesitation to share, eventually blurting out every day, striving for @writersnetwork Repost, sometimes feeling of envy for the popularity and number of likes others had, learning various forms of poetry through daily challenges, improving writing skills, supporting others, waiting for their posts for days or even months, celebrating festivals, periods of deactivating and then running back here to escape from the world, getting amazed by the talent and depth of pain, love, grief, humour that everyone shared. Moreover, the feeling of belongingness that Mirakee has given me is out of the world. Friendships born here are exceptional because they have never been made on the weak foundations of name, religion, work, area or the identity that we hold or try to hold in outside world. They are unbiased and pure.

    The compliments and unconditional support I have received here from all of you have affected me in ways I can't describe. I have felt special and loved.
    You guys have made me understand life better. Exchange of perspectives and ideas, advises, suggestions, feedback, hope, inspiration, and this proud feeling of being able to call myself a Writer are some of the few but beautiful things I got from this place.
    I'll cherish my relationship with Mirakee till eternity.
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart.
    I am grateful to be a part of Mirakee family ❤

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    Three Years
    This letter couldn't express even an ounce of how much I have grown , learnt and lived on Mirakee.
    But this won't stop me from hitting the 'post' icon.

  • __eisha_000 8w

    Morning :)


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    Pulling up the warmth from blanket
    Gulping down the solace of coffee
    Cleaning up the spectacles of vision
    Going through the words of wisdom
    Humming an age old love song
    And sshhh...
    Sliding off quietly to a long awaited sleep
    for the seasons changed often outside
    but the inside had always shivered in cold
    and so cold.


  • __eisha_000 9w

    Meaning changes with us changing
    Blue once meant sadness for me, now denotes freedom��


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    Blinking Blue

    The eyes which once enveloped
    the material matters
    Now blink in the
    ecstasy of enlightenment

  • __eisha_000 10w

    Keeping and then releasing too :)

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    I recollect vintage memories.
    I feel the pain and joy to the core of my heart.
    Until my chest feels heavy and light.
    Then hold them in my palms.
    Blow them up in the pink blue sky.
    Laugh out loud with my head hung back on my neck.
    I fall back on the ground
    And now I smile with peace in my being.

  • __eisha_000 11w


    Good Morning ☔☔

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    When the music dies,
    listen to the laughter of your soul.

    It's breathtaking !

  • __eisha_000 12w

    Hello beautiful souls ��

    Stay Grateful !
    Trust the Universe ��


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    The day I realised 'Who I am'
    was like a ray of sunlight
    entering a dark dusty room
    making visible the formless
    with senses of the form.

  • __eisha_000 33w


    1 or multiple dose of failure
    1 large bowl of patience
    1 cup vision
    2 tablespoons of hard work
    1 tablespoon of commitment
    1 cup compassion
    1/2 cut kindness
    1/2 cup chopped humour.
    Ice cubes as required.

    Firstly, mix vision, hard work and commitment in a glass jar. Grind to a fine pulp.
    Blend failure and patience for 5-6 minutes till the mixture becomes smooth in texture and mix it well with the pulp.
    Add compassion to it and stir well.
    Squeeze kindness as per taste.
    Garnish with chopped humour.
    Serve chilled.

    Hello amazing souls ��
    #recipe ��
    PC: Pinterest

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  • __eisha_000 38w

    Dust yourself off from all the regrets and guilt. These emotions are proof that you no longer are the same person. Then why to carry the burden of that old you?!

    Keep Evolving!

    PC: P I N T E R E S T ��

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    Everything has been consciously put in our way to awaken us. So how can we wish to go back and change.
    Trust the Universe.
    Eventually, things will start making sense.