All this loving, hating and wanting... Nanda C

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  • __aurora__ 2d


    I have never been the one to chase someone.
    But I m willing to travel miles to reach you, just to have a place in your heart.

    I have never been the one to fall for someone first.
    But I m willing to fall hard for you, forgetting the fact that gravity even exists.

  • __aurora__ 27w


    Love's not just supposed to be showered on you, you should be able to give back the love too.
    Love's meeting each other halfway and then making it together until the end.

  • __aurora__ 29w

    Colour of Love

    What is the colour of love? Some say it's red, some say it's golden, some say it's grey.
    But I think love's either white or black. It's all or nothing.

  • __aurora__ 30w

    Before Sunset

    I always act like I m detached. But I m dying inside. I m dying because I m so numb. I don't feel pain or excitement. I m not even bitter.
    -Jesse Wallace in Before Sunset , 2004

  • __aurora__ 30w

    Listen, Look, Respond

    No one hears the cries of help, no one sees the warning signs, no one responds or wants to help until it's just too late to do anything about it, until the person is gone forever. What's the use of posting stories then, saying what a good soul and how kind he/she was and that you miss them? Did you even know that person? Did you know what that person was going through? Where the hell were you when that person needed you? You can just turn a blind eye to someone who just needs one saving grace but you can be fake and start 'empathizing' once the person's not there anymore?
    Dear society, it's time that you stop doing this. If you can't help, if you don't wanna help, make sure not to be a burden too. Don't say things that triggers someone to the point that they don't feel worthy anymore. Don't make someone feel that they are not enough. If you don't wanna be a part of someone's life, please walk out, don't be an ass and don't add to their misery, their pain.

  • __aurora__ 31w

    Is love a utopian dream?
    Or is it a dystopian concept?

  • __aurora__ 31w

    Unrestrained Love

    She is in love with his chaos, his wild eyes, his rugged touch, his feral passion. Their untamed emotions collided and found a home within each other.