Hate is heavy, let it go.

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  • __arka__sanniel__ 30w

    I'm happy here, suppressing my sorrows with memories that aren't real.

    He, in the other verse, lay wide awake in the dark night, regretting his choices and despising himself.

    While a third me, sank into chaos, for he didn't have anyone to pull him out of it.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 30w

    Then and now

    There was a time when I was a kid and was afraid of ghosts and the darkness.
    Now if a ghost comes to me at night, I'll be more like "come man, listen to my sorrows a bit. The world sleeps while I think my brains out. Just spend some time with me. "
    And I'd tell him to visit me the next day as well.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 40w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 10 word short tale on Haunt

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    He held on to her memories till they haunted him.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 41w


    What a blessing it would've been
    to be able to isolate one's self totally.

    What a blessing it would've been
    to be able to avoid those strange glances.

    What a blessing it would've been
    to be able to avoid those whispers.

    What a blessing it would've been
    to be able to discover my true self for once.

    What a blessing it would've been
    to be able to ignore everyone and everything.

    What a blessing it would've been
    if all these were to be true,
    even if for a while.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 41w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 6 word one-liner on Vanish
    By unknown writer

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    Leave everyone behind, come, lets vanish.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 41w

    People may change.
    The wounds they inflict remain forever.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 41w


    The sounds from my childhood
    still echo in the hallway.
    My giggles, my laughter, my sobs,
    the sounds of me growing up.
    The walls look as fresh as they were
    when I had first entered the house.
    Smelling the same, having that same texture,
    when I run my fingers on them.
    That big window facing the lawn will
    now be empty, or maybe it'll have
    a new younger companion.
    A wind blows slowly, the curtains flutter,
    and they rub softly against me.
    As if trying to
    hold me, for one last time.
    As if trying to
    not let me go.

  • __arka__sanniel__ 41w

    The moon is bright,
    soft breezes blowing.
    Calm is the night,
    feelings flowing.
    Me and you, on my roof top.
    Time flowing by,
    and me wishing for it to stop

  • __arka__sanniel__ 53w

    You call me a pessimist.
    Do you think I purposely deny everything?
    Do you think I purposely believe that
    only the worst will happen?
    No my friend, you are deeply mistaken.
    I have a deeper insight.
    I've this depth of vision that
    you can never achieve.
    I look way beyond these momentary joys and happiness that you cherish,
    for I know, all of it is temporary.
    Good times wont last forever.
    What will you do when you see
    the true saddening nature of the world?

  • __arka__sanniel__ 55w

    Sacrificing yourself for someone isnt always the right choice.