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  • __adiroy__ 5d


    They say "be carefree and do what makes you happy" and turn off their faces when you don't compromise for their happiness.

    They say "stand up for your rights and never shy away from expressing yourself" and call you arrogant and mannerless when you don't do what pleases them.

    They say "money can't buy happiness and peace" and leave you lonely when you stop spending on them.

    They say "you should talk to people when you feel lonely" and are never available for you when you need them.

    They say "you should not be self-centred" but forget to mention "this rule is only applicable for you".

  • __adiroy__ 4w

    It's not only the unexpected thing that always hurts...Sometimes the expected outcome stabs your heart finer than a pointed knife because a small corner of your heart always believes that you don't deserve this bad.....

  • __adiroy__ 5w

    She pulled out all stops for building a strong connection with you while you were too busy in getting your work done.

  • __adiroy__ 7w


    Maintain a healthy balance between what you want and what you actually need?
    Learn to have poise between being impudent and being too flattery.
    Realise the contrast between caring and cosseting.
    Be sensible enough to choose between what you are and what you show?
    Because too much extravagant or lightsome frames of mind often end up in an awful remembrance.

  • __adiroy__ 9w

    "Life has been so playful with her that things which happen normally and with ease surprise her the most now".

  • __adiroy__ 10w

    Don't let your ego fend you off from appreciating people who deserve it......

    It doesn't let you down but boosts someone's self-esteem.
    It won't take anything from you but adds to someone's life.

    Being a reason behind someone's smile is no less than a blessing in disguise.
    Being a reason behind someone's progress is no less than an achievement.

    And if you don't possess any one of the aforesaid qualities , please learn to keep quiet. Don't taunt people's downfall, don't mock at someone's failure.

    "If you cannot be an encouraging angel please do not be the discouraging devil".

  • __adiroy__ 11w

    #learn the difference, the difference between the high class and the low class...#learn to be kind..#learn to spread love...

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    I was having my usual meal under the roof high;
    But they were still counting the stars in the night sky.

    I couldn't complete the whole,I was on a diet;
    But they were waiting for me to throw the leftover for their children to satisfy their appetite.

    I went to my bedroom to have a good sleep under the air conditioner;
    But they went on to spend a sleepless night experiencing the damn summer.

    The next morning ,I woke up late with everything ready in front of me;
    But those nocturnal humans had already set out in search of food free.

    The day went on and I was still being lethargic;
    But they were still searching if they could find something in the dump pit.

    It was soon evening and I thought to hang out with my friends somewhere;
    But it was still the same , they were looking for food everywhere.

    Finding me returning home on my lamberghi;
    They came running to me asking for some money.

    On their arrival ,I showered on them some words harsh;
    And tears fell from the little one's eyes which had sparks.

    I went on to have my meal, being normal;
    But they sat on the footpath, counting stars as usual!!!!!!

  • __adiroy__ 12w

    I can compromise to my utmost to make you happy ........but never ask me to make a choice between you and my self respect.....

    You will be hurt otherwise!!!!

  • __adiroy__ 13w

    You only live once(YOLO)

    We are born an infant, we die the same.
    We enter the world empty-handed,we go the same.

    Some grow up to be a person,no one cares
    While some grow up to be a personality, everyone stares.

    Some keep frowning about their middle-class status
    While some keep on flaunting their business ventures.

    Some go on behaving like those richie-rich spendthrifts
    While some never fail to act like a miserable skin thrift.

    All we forget is that,
    We only live once and we should be glad
    Either we are classy or the one who's shabby
    All that matters is that we remain happy.

    We are born an infant, we die the same.
    We enter the world empty-handed, we go the same.

  • __adiroy__ 14w

    Take me back to the days when feelings actually mattered more and were less an advertisement.
    Take me back to the days when respect was not merely a social media story but an emotion ,a glory.
    Take me back to the days when love/relationship was not a trend but a confession,a commitment and ones devotion towards another.
    Take me back to the days when friendship was not selfishness termed as "busy/occupied" but a therapy to the soul.