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  • ___kavya__ 30w

    The worst thing ever
    When uh don't like to do the things u like

  • ___kavya__ 36w


    Effort matters

  • ___kavya__ 37w

    (She to him ): Seriously! I don't understand my situation
    But I think I'm in love wid uh bcoz u love me more than ur self.... What a girl want more than this...?
    ( She is damn lucky to have him right! )

  • ___kavya__ 39w

    Kabhi kabhi sochtha hai ki meri priorities saabh ko chodkar akhela hi jindagi mei rahana serif mere liye!

  • ___kavya__ 39w


    Kabhi na socha ki meri bachpan intha sundar hua
    Serif tere vaje se he.

  • ___kavya__ 40w

    Best friend

    Such a beautiful soul are ,
    Even u ignore me /couldn't recognize me ,
    I'll be okay but,
    If uh wantedly do such this ,
    My value for you doesn't change ,
    I hope that , I'll be ur best not everytime but may be once.

  • ___kavya__ 42w

    worst feeling ever

    I hate myself instead of hating others

  • ___kavya__ 43w

    The blue is bleeding rain
    as just as
    I bled the red

  • ___kavya__ 43w

  • ___kavya__ 44w

    I don't know why I scold uh this much but still love uh more!