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  • ___gaurav 5w

    How doctors define marriage ?

    Arrange marriage = NECROSIS
    Love marriage = APOPTOSIS

    Life is a pathology
    Nd wife is a etiology

  • ___gaurav 7w

    Be like NEPHRONS,
    filter out negative people from your life.

  • ___gaurav 9w

    3 idots...

    To the soul so pure,to the heart so divine
    To the eyes with spark nd smile so bright.

    I found 2 frnds loyal , with the manners so royal.
    The personality of lioness nd a bit of shyness

    I met them at mirakee like any random day.
    Hope to see uh guys,I must say

  • ___gaurav 9w

    Even my CHROMOSOMES are paired nd I m SINGLE...

  • ___gaurav 10w

    All medical students are in the Same boat,and I think it's TITANIC

  • ___gaurav 10w

    Marry someone who understands uh like the pharmacists understand the Doctor's handwriting....

  • ___gaurav 10w

    Why did the kidney fail its tests ?
    Because it couldn't CONCENTRATE

  • ___gaurav 10w

    Ab to ECG bhi samaj me aane lga
    Aur tumhen lagta hai Mai tumhe nai samaj paunga ❣️

  • ___gaurav 10w

    I think it is possible for ordinary people to choose to be EXTRAORDINARY

  • ___gaurav 10w

    Uh are my favorite NOTIFICATION