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  • 84prasen 6w


    Four footed reptile you
    Sticking on wall,
    Looking for small prey
    Without fear to fall.

    From my book "Musing"
    ©️Prasenjit Chanda

  • 84prasen 6w

    Will You Cry for Me

    Will you cry for me?
    Mine can't bring tears anymore
    They must have been dried up,
    As I'm crying since long .
    From the advent of my life
    Crying I,
    I cried for little things,
    I whimpered for love;
    And to see the departure of
    Near ones, I wailed enough .
    I cried over victory and loss,
    Now at the brink of my life
    I can't cry anymore.....
    So, will you cry for me?

    (©️Prasenjit Chanda )
    From my book "Musing".

  • 84prasen 6w

    To John Keats

    The autumn, brings ripe fruits in
    Thy garden -very 'She 'comes to me
    As a rural lass, wandering in the green
    Fields of corn;
    The song of nightingale devoured thy
    Ears ,but not for long -
    Here is my cuckoo sings all-day long
    At the advent of spring;
    Your appreciation for 'Grecian Urn '
    Peerless beauty, though I have my
    Ancient sculpture;
    And the story of Madeline was more
    Pensive than Shakuntala!
    Still you vanquish me with thy immortal
    Quote "Beauty is truth, truth beauty "
    Ye, the worshipper of beauty
    I do bow down before thee.

    ©️ Prasenjit Chanda ( From my book "Musing")