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  • 2411ht 18w


    You have been running,
    For so long,
    Absorbing experiences,
    Segregating right and wrong,
    Soaking the essence on the way,
    Darkness, demeanour and dismay,
    Slithering through the paths unknown,
    Withering a little,
    Sparking the other day,
    Whilst attaching too,
    All the way,
    Wisdom is brimming you up,
    Calmness smeared over all your face,
    And you storytell this chase,
    Chase to find yourself and almighty,
    Within you,
    'Holy'- you describe this view,
    You're ready to embrace,
    All gifts,
    Clarity and haze,
    You've learnt to differentiate skin and souls,
    You've known to the sight,also,
    Turning everyone around you to god,you believe in,
    Feeling merging yourself to the origin,
    Now you fear no deaths,
    For you only fear skins with baggage of sins,
    You've known the surrealism,
    Constantly inhaling this complexity,
    The beauty of this labyrinth is too much to swallow,
    Your humanistic existence finds it appealing simultaneously,
    Yet this is the only essence,
    Of your presence,
    You're carved out of him,
    You sink into him, the day you die,
    Till you take up,
    With another skin,
    To suit you,
    To grow,
    To wash off the sinful dirt,
    To show.
    You're smiling, with serenity decorating your face,
    While you wonder,
    "What a beautiful chase!"

  • 2411ht 29w


    I wish...
    I wish I am gifted my true self for my birthday.

    From my childhood till now, I'd led a sane life,
    Or so the people around me think, when I smile,
    But what boils inside, I wish I could define,
    Or atleast I want someone, to read it sometime.

    I don't need any expensive stuff, I need a hug,
    Possibly a warm embrace, which picks me up,
    A handmade care, might do it's job perfectly,
    I really don't wish for dresses, or jewelleries.

    Quality time with parents, and letting them know me,
    I want to hangout with a person, who understands me,
    It won't be sweet, if I get pizzas and coke,
    Rather, if the person sits and listens, would be more..

    This birthday I wish for happiness, in plenty,
    If my dreams aren't fulfilled, someone else's should be,
    Maybe if I could feed an orphan, or pet a beast,
    I'd be more than happy, to be someone's relief.

    What else do I hope? Maybe a notebook and ink?
    A blank canvas to draw something, when gloomy,
    If possible, I wish for the passed away to bless me,
    If they could reincarnate and visit, this birthday eve.

  • 2411ht 29w

    "वो काले घेरे से घिरी तेरी नज़रों की लौ,
    कैसे उसमें आज भी वही नर्मी सी है?

    तेरा वो सच, जो एक खौफ़नाक सपने से भी डरावना है,
    कैसे उसे जीते हुए तेरे उन सूखें होठों पर आज भी वही खुशनुमा हँसी सी है?

    छोड़ गए जो साथ भी सभी,
    बटोर के तूने अपने टुकड़ों को खिलाया एक एक कौर अपने बच्चों को,
    कैसे उन बोझिल दिखते कन्धों में वही हिम्मत सी है?

    जब 'लूटी' किसी ने तेरी इज़्जत, अपनी ही कमज़ोरी दिखाई उसने,
    कैसे ज़माने से लड़ते हुए, आज भी तुझमें इज़्जत कमाने की ज़ुस्तज़ू सी है?"

    जो पूछा ऐसा उन्होंने उस 'स्त्री' से,
    उसने कहा,

    रूप हूँ मैं उसी दुर्गा का,
    हथियार नहीं डालूँगी।
    है जब तक जान मुझमें,
    किसी की खैरात से अपने बच्चे नहीं पलूँगी।
    काल मैं थी, आज कोई और, शायद काल फिर कोई और होगी,
    पर ये अत्याचार रोकने की पहल बताओ कहाँ से होगी?

    सबके अपने घर से।

  • 2411ht 30w


    I would fill your life with happiness,
    I will fill your life with colours,
    I won't think much before saying anything,
    I would just surprise you with writeups,
    Each morning would be a bliss for you,
    Each night you will see dreams about me,
    I won't say will hurt you,
    But sometimes if you feel such telling sorry beforehand only,
    A ink which will glow your life,
    There would be new light which will enter,
    It's the smoothest thing ever,
    Tightly if you hold you won't succeed,
    One needs to be fine with it,
    Practice makes man perfect,
    But here don't do such things which ruins,
    Am sure you will have a great time,
    My heart is full of love,
    Will pour each component which is possible,
    Just will be there in your both times!

  • 2411ht 32w

    उससे बस एक बार मिलना है,
    इस पत्थर दिल को पिघलना है।

    जो बातें आज तक छुपा रखीं है,
    वो सब उसके सामने बोलना है।

    खुद को हमेशा से बहुत संभाला है मैंने,
    पर एक बार उसकी बाहों में फिसलना है।

    मेरा जो गुलाब मुरझा चुका है,
    उसे एक बार फिर खिलना है।

    खुद गिर के तो हर बार संभल जाते है
    एक बार उसके हाथों से संभलना है।

    कभी खुद को बदलने की नहीं सोची,
    सिर्फ उसके लिए खुद को बदलना है।

    गाडियों में सैर सपाटे तो हर रोज़ किए है
    अब उसका हाथ थाम के दूर तक टहलना है।

    सारे काम वक्त पर किए है
    आज सब कुछ टालना है।

    सब जगह से छुट्टी लेली मैंने,
    उसके लिए वक्त निकालना है।

    अभी तो ठीक से मिले ही नहीं,
    इस सूरज को भी अभी ढालना है?

    अब जाने का वक्त हो चला है,
    अब ख्वाबों में उससे मिलना है।

  • 2411ht 32w


    One random day,
    in one random way,
    Can I call you?

    Can I call you and tell you,
    how I feel?
    Can I call you and tell you,
    I feel hollow inside?
    It's not a good feeling.

    I feel lost and think, who I am asking these questions to?
    I don't have anyone,
    I don't know anyone who I feel comfortable with.
    I feel like I don't trust anyone anymore.
    I can not rely on anyone anymore.

    Why do we feel this way?
    Why do we feel that happiness is to be shared and sadness is to be kept inside?
    Why these feelings are brushed aside?

    I sit alone and think who can I talk to?
    Is there anyone who I trust enough to talk about my feelings ?
    Is there anyone who wouldn't use them against me in some manner?
    Is there anyone who won't have a negative opinion on them?
    Is there anyone who'll not expect this human being who isn't ideal or perfect?
    I find no one.

    I feel like humanity is the lost cause.
    Love is the lost cause.
    Acceptance is not so acceptable.
    All they expect you to be is not messed up and stable.
    Why wouldn't they understand that truth isn't what you expect?
    Perfection is unattainable and smiles aren't always natural.
    Why does everyone has to classify everything right or wrong why can't something be neutral?

    Why are only actions taken into consideration and intentions are ignored?
    Why is it important to fit into a box?
    Why can't unconventionality be one of our society's building blocks?
    Why can't we be comfortable with being made uncomfortable by someone's life choices?

    P. S. :- it's easy to judge but hard to go through the judgement, it's important to be kind enough to realize that the people who we give our personal negative judgements about are also humans.

  • 2411ht 38w

    When people are pure
    love is more pure

  • 2411ht 38w

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  • 2411ht 38w


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  • 2411ht 41w


    The sensational touch so
    With the moving hips,
    gluing eyes.
    Lusty lips, ready to bite,
    Dripping den, all
    soaked in white...
    Writing story with nails,
    From holding to gliding
    to making me sail.
    Moans roared across the room,
    Tangled with each other,
    We had nothing to do..