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  • 21yearold 11w

    A note to my younger self.

    Dearest Haleema,

    I am writing this from the future, not exactly the future in which you dreamed to be flying high so the clouds fear you but definitely the future in which you'll be living in peace. I wished for you to make friends but it's okay if no one wants to be your friend because you probably look like your brother more than your own self. But don't you worry I ended up making new friends but in all this I lost the understanding with my best friend, my brother, who is not my friend anymore but don't you worry we still talk and eat together. And stop acting like you're scared of cats, because I've two cats now and you'll love them. Speaking of love so that it will not always be red and bright sometimes it will be dark and shallow but you'll grow through all that. I don't wanna ruin your surprises but you'll be on your feet in blinks. Just remember you have one happy life ahead so live it like you mean it. Be confident and always trust your gut.

    Xoxo, your future self. ❤️


  • 21yearold 35w

    Self love. ❤️

    Dear person reading this, I know that you're so kind hearted, but sometimes you want to change that because you're not receiving or getting the same as you're giving or what you deserve!! But don't change, just be the bigger person and keep on spreading love and happiness. Give people the best advice and your sincere apologies if you ever are wrong to them at any point. You don't have to change for anything unless you're wrong. Because the real you is the pure you and that is so rare! Kind hearted, filled with love and so worth it and by the end of everything you'll receive the best from God. No matter how difficult it seems or how impossible it feels to overcome, you will make it through whatever is holding you down. ✨♥️