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  • 21st_century_icarus 207w


    Losing Friends is nothing new. Even Family Members. It's a Part of my Life that Teaches me why to be Human.
    - Irene J.

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    Wanderess Diaries

    Now my Actions and Statements will be a Lie in your Eyes.
    I won't Say Anything to Justify my Reasons.
    I did not Want to Hurt you More than I already have.
    I stay coz I promised to stay. And I consider you Family. Regardless of what you think of me...
    That's me. If you do not Know.


  • 21st_century_icarus 207w

    Kodagu and Kerala are facing the Worst Monsoon of this Year. People are suffering without proper food and Shelter. There were Landslides which took the lives of innocent people.
    Nature is Reacting violently to our Selfish Destruction inflicted on her. People are suffering because of OUR selfish wants. Because we! Cut down Trees to Industrialise and Call the Callous Act as " Development"!
    People have Lost their Lives! Farmers have lost their Land! People are now Hungry because Along the way of our Callous Development, WE have Been Poisoning Nature!
    Is this out Trophy?! I bear Sole Responsibility for this Because Somehow I have Contributed to this Destruction of Nature by my Wants. We all need to now Pray, Reach Out and Help Kerala and Kodagu. And also make sure that we Begin Cleaning Mother Nature Before she unleashes her Wrath upon us all.
    We still have Time! I'm Gonna Go do My Part and Help my Fellow Humanity. I hope to See you all too.

    By Fellow Kanadiga,
    - Irene J.

    Navu Namma Seva Evagale Madabeku.
    - Irene J.
    ( sorry if my Kannada sounds bad. It's been a year since I properly spoke Kannada let alone, speak Indian language. Coz I have been busy with English and French.)

    #prayforkodagu #prayforkerala #wrathofnature #repentance #healnature #savenature #savelives #respectnature #kanadiga_shoutout

    @writersnetwork @samarlexis @gehna09 @indecisive_poet @flow_143 @angika_singh @sabaridevi @shwetha_n @alchemic_faerie

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    Kodagu and Kerala

    People of Kodagu and Kerala are In a Disturbing Position.
    Both these Areas are Affected by the Worst Monsoon Ever.
    Due to Stagnant Water there is also a Chance of an Epidemic Breakout. Till now there is no News of an Epidemic but if the waters do not Reside and more... An Epidemic Might Breakout.
    Please Pray for Kodagu and Kerala.


  • 21st_century_icarus 207w

    This is To all My Fellow Mirakeeans.
    I am Deeply Concerned about Kodagu and Kerala. Let's all Pray and Reach out to them. I also mourn for the People who have lost their lives in this mess. I hope that the Survivors Stay safe and sound.

    - Wanderess_11.

    @writersnetwork @samarlexis @gehna09 @indecisive_poet @flow_143 @angika_singh @sabaridevi @lost__world @saliicii

    #prayforkodagu #prayforkerala #wrathofnature
    #repentance #reachout #healnature #mourning #savenature #savelives #respectnature #kanadiga_shoutout

    Dedicated to the World and I hope we Save Nature and Live in Harmony with Nature if we want to have a Future.
    - Irene J.

    Let's Start with Planting Trees, Saving Animals, And more importantly Finding out Alternative Ways to Conserve water. And also Build Mankind by not Destroying Nature.
    - Irene J.

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    Answers for my Purpose.

    Who Understands My Silence?
    The Girl in the Mirror.

    Who Hurts my Soul?
    The World outside of the Mirror.

    When will I be able to Let go?
    When the Breath of Life Leaves this Wretched World to it's Final Home.

    What Do I Take?
    Broken Soul and Little Love.

    What Do I leave?
    Loads of Selfless Love. Passionate Art Prints.

    Who is Worthy to be Loved?
    According to me, I say Everyone. EVERY SINGLE PERSON.

    Why I Wrote this?
    I have to Give the World my Gratitude because I am what I am because of the People in it.

    When will I Be Happy?
    When all my Friends, Family and The People see The World as it should be. A Beauty Of The Ancestors, Living Paradise.

    What sort of Poem is this?
    Broken Poem by a Broken Heart. Reaching out to All.

    Yours Only,
    Ireen J.


  • 21st_century_icarus 207w

    Scarlet Letter...

    I Started to Write with Love,
    I Now, End By Love.

    I was nothing but a Sheet of Paper...
    I am a Book. With unsaid Emotions...

    I water the Plants during the Day.
    I Water my Love during the Night by Tears...

    All I want to do is,
    Sit Down with you. Hold you Close.
    I now know that you're not Mine...
    Because you're a Fan of the Wanderings...

    I Love you. That's the Truth.
    I can Wait for another Lifetime to be with you.
    Coz you are Worth it. And I am you're Everything...


  • 21st_century_icarus 208w

    Algeria. ( Joy)

    She is a Fire Burning in the Rain of her Pain.
    She is the Holy Fire that Refined my Soul.
    She is a Beauty by her Own Benchmark.
    She Cries for others than her Own.
    She is a Love one would Die to Have.
    She is a Woman who would Rule with her man.
    She has Been There. Seen it all.
    She gives Chances to all.
    She is a Fire Burning in the Rain of her Pain.

    I could feel my Toxicity Fade away from me.
    When her Fire Warms my Cold Soul.
    I Never knew what it takes to say " I'm OK"...
    Until I absorbed her Feelings and Emotions and Felt immense Pain.
    I am a Seer. Yes.
    But she is a Fire Burning in the Rain of her Pain.

    She is a Wanderess, a Poetess.
    But I Sense her Inner Warrior when I See her Fight against the Discord of Madness.
    What causes Pain to her is not only Her Unreturned Emotions... I should say it is More than that...
    She is a Fire Burning in the Rain of her Pain.

    She is the Girl with the A Cold Fire.
    She is the Fire Burning in the Rain of her own Pain.


  • 21st_century_icarus 208w


    #dontlookback #dissing #movingon #unforvigable #Archigos_Writings #I. J. D. G. A. F

    People say a Snake is a Snake no matter how many times it sheds it's Skin. Well. I'm happy to be Misunderstood and Called a Snake etc... Because I Don't Care anymore.
    - Irene J.

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    Nouveau départ

    I washed away my Sin by the Holy Fire.
    What I do next is for me to Know.
    And for others to Feel " Oh. Shit. We're Screwed up."

    I am not Violent. But I can be when I agree with my Senses. And I'm getting Strong Vibes...


  • 21st_century_icarus 208w

    Like Her.

    Every Dawn starts with me Praying for You.
    Every Dusk Sets with me Crying out for You.
    Every Moment I know that I'm Losing my Mind...
    Has she Told you all the Negatives about you,
    That I kept at Bay?
    Has she Said that I'm not Innocent, And I that I want you to take the Blame...
    Has she said about the Things she Holds you, Till this Date?

    Ch :
    I don't why I Love The Pain you Cause... But I love you... ( love you)
    I am Happy that I Feel for you, For You...
    Is it possible to get Be Together as one?
    For a Lifetime, than A single Night?
    Do you ever wanted my Love?
    Was our Friendship all about Lust? Anyway...
    I know that I'm Not Perfect.
    Like her.
    Ey... Like her...

    Summer Days with you was a Heavenly Place...
    I want to feel like that Everyday...
    But I won't be Able to Feel Alive, Without You.
    You can Use my Name to get you New Love...
    But still I got you in my Veins...
    You're like a Sweet Poison. And I'm Blissfully Dying... Babe.

    Ch ( x 1)


  • 21st_century_icarus 208w

    Thank you

    I couldn't leave that someone when you told me to.
    Because I was afraid of Breaking my Promise.
    I knew that I strained our Friendship. But Brother if not for you.
    I would be Lost.
    I am Grateful to you for Guiding me even though I Did not Comply to you.
    I am now Free.
    Of the Drama.
    I'm Back on my Track as I got my Disclosure.
    I know that I haven't seen the End yet...
    But I have Enough time to Make you and All Proud.

    I am Blessed to have You as a Good Friend.
    And also.
    I have made peace with my Demons.
    I also have Sworn off Love.
    And I am Happy with this Decision.
    God. I feel I have Successfully Understood the Art of Letting Go.

    Thank you For Everything Sammy.
    Thank you.



  • 21st_century_icarus 208w


    If my Answer did not get it's Verification. I would not have Truly Believed in my Alarms. You gave me what I needed. Thank you. ��������

    Love Lots,


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    Thank you.

    The Sun Shines upon me again.
    Though the Nights are never the same.
    I will make it Through...
    To See my World Truly Happy.

    Thank you BoolBool.
    I was afraid of being wrong and Hurting someone.
    I got it right. I had the answer the whole time.
    I am So Stupid to Push it aside for that someone.
    You helped me get back on my Track.
    If not for your Open Mind.
    I still would be Stuck.
    Thanks to you.
    I'm back on my Feet.


  • 21st_century_icarus 208w

    @writersnetwork @samarlexis @gehna09 @indecisive_poet @flow_143 @angika_singh @shwetha_n

    Moral of the Shortest Story :

    Never Try Logic with a Angry Woman. Especially when you try to help her out with her Rage. Don't Protect her Boyfriend. Coz he somehow had managed to anger her to the extent of blowing up the world.
    - Irene J.

    Thank you.

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    Misleading Conversation.

    Friend : What is Worse than A Rocket?

    Me : Flying Chappal. They hit your Target On Mark.

    Friend : ( Throws her Heel at me) * short screech *

    Me : *shocked * OK. I'm Sorry. For Protecting your Boyfriend.

    Friend : Hm. K. Let's get your Head checked out. ( Pulls her friend off the ground and they visit the hospital.)