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  • 0804aqueela 28w

    Out of all the things that are on the verge of extinction, human interaction and handwritten letters are of my prime concern!!!

    - Kompal


  • 0804aqueela 40w

    Dear Love !!!

    Dear Love,
    You know I didn't have time
    To write you that I'm fine
    To ask about how you are
    To tell you that you're still in my heart, though you live afar.

    Dear Love,
    The incomplete painting you left,
    With brush strokes so deft
    You had painted my dress blue
    Thinking that's my favourite hue
    But, I love red
    You had asked me once and I had said
    Maybe you forgot
    Or you acted so good, when actually you were lost.

    Dear Love,
    Those shining chimes you hanged
    Last night, quite miraculously they banged
    Dropping on floor, turning into pieces
    Akin to your 'forever' promises.

    Dear Love,
    Nights are dark, you say
    All I see is your darkened day
    Coz I am myself a dazzling light
    And even your noons are dimmer than my night
    There aren't any discos, no drinks no bars
    Just fireflies and numerous twinkling stars.

    Dear Love,
    You know, how much I miss you
    Just your lessons and to kiss you
    I applaud your acting naunces
    But, not your false prom dances
    You make me sure on whom to trust
    To separate the depth from a mere crust
    You taught me to deny the path you can't walk
    To beware of some silly sugar talks.

    Dear Love,
    I choose not to have time
    To ask if you are fine
    To reveal how am I
    Coz all I wanna say is a final bye....


  • 0804aqueela 43w

    Inspired by Ved from Tamasha..
    Word check:
    *Ranjish - misunderstanding
    *Arziyan - pleading
    *Aain - law
    *Mashroof - busy
    *Zarre - atom
    *Aalam - universe
    #tamasha #ved #tara

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    Iss lamhe se iss lamhe tak,
    Uss lamhe se iss lamhe tak,
    Yunhi tu bhatakta raha,
    Har lamhe se har lamhe tak.

    Har khwahish ko dafna kar,
    Kai ranjishen apna kar,
    Zindagi ki arziyan bharta raha,
    Takdeer se aain tak.

    Yunhi tu bhatakta raha,
    Har lamhe se har lamhe tak.

    Har chahat ko na bayaan kiya,
    Har zaroorat ko bas adaa kiya,
    Har fursat mein bhi mashroof raha,
    Ikk zarre se uss aalam tak.

    Yunhi tu bhatakta raha,
    Har lamhe se har lamhe tak.


  • 0804aqueela 48w

    Lafzon mein yun uljhe,
    Jazbaton ko kho baithe,
    Dil mein tha kuch,
    Aur kuch aur hi keh baithe,

    Yaadon k kuch lamhe aaj bhi rulate hain,
    Kya karein..woh din ab bhi yaad aate hain..


  • 0804aqueela 53w

    एक दिन शुरू कोई सफर कर,
    बेझिझक चल किसी डगर पर
    गुमनाम रास्तों में भटक
    उड़ बन कभी हवा, कभी बन बूंदे बरस
    एक दिन शुरू कोई सफर कर
    बेडर, बेखौफ, बेशक बिन हमसफर
    मंजिलों पर से हटा नजर
    रास्तों का देख तू मंज़र
    एक दिन शुरू कोई सफर कर

    ‌ -कोंपल

  • 0804aqueela 57w

    Promises To Keep

    On a lovely road,
    That led nowhere;
    He stood in the middle,
    His gaze afixed and deadly stare.
    "Oh wait O' girl, I have something to tell,
    Before you shout, run or yell.
    I'm no hound with any secrets deep..."
    "Got to go....can't wait Monsieur,
    Coz I have many promises to keep."

    A whirlwind in my mind
    and throbbing heart in chest;
    I turned around and ran,
    Leaving him unsaid;
    "Listen", he shouted "You'd regret you left,
    Your promises are unreal, your lie isn't so deft.
    I mean no harm, I ain't a creep."
    "You are a stranger, all that I know,
    Also I have real promises to keep."

    Before I began my run,
    He paced forward and started,
    "I'm lost on this track,
    I and my family had parted."
    I halted a bit to sense his mind,
    He continued with a hidden pain,
    His presence just few feet behind.

    "I'm no hapless being, my child
    Just spare a moment or you'll be defiled.
    They left me here in the garbage heap,
    Saying they have bigger promises to keep."

    Seeing the old man's,
    pitiable state
    "Is that your home," I asked,
    Pointing towards a bronze gate.
    "Oh I can't see, just feel the
    biting cold and winds gushing.
    My home isn't where those viles live."
    He said with his breath rushing.

    "Pardon me I stopped you,
    Maybe you have some real promises to keep"

    "Weren't they your kids?"
    I asked, my curio already high,
    "Then why did they leave you,
    without even saying a bye?"
    "Oh, they were liars, O girl
    But you be aware,
    Do not promise someone,
    If you do not care.

    You'll break their hearts,
    and puncture your soul;
    Your lies would mount,
    It'll blemish your role.
    In your own self, you must always peep,
    Never forget, you have promises to keep."

    "I don't lie sir",
    assuredly I said.
    Smile flashed on his face,
    Stern expressions now dead
    "Then you may leave girl,
    You are already clear.
    What may you do and speak,
    and what circumstances you'll bare."

    "May I help you somehow?"
    Empathizing I asked,
    "You are fragile, old and sick."
    My fear now masked.

    "No, no need, I'll stay here,
    Guiding the squandered,
    Telling them to beware.
    Leave my child, I must now sleep,
    Remember, you have some real promises to keep."

  • 0804aqueela 59w

    The moon his in clouds, the candles' glow faded, lamps shied away when grandma's smile radiated her love for him at their 70th anniversary.


  • 0804aqueela 60w

    She was thrown away by one and picked up by another.
    The NOTEBOOK agonized the schoolboy but slept peacefully in the arms of a ragpicker.

  • 0804aqueela 61w

    We'll Meet..AGAIN

    When I'll be yours, n you'll be mine,
    I'll meet you then, when the time's fine.

    Lavender lilacs would bloom,
    Buds would twirl 'round the barks,
    When a melody engulfs the gloom,
    And your eyes will show a spark.

    When I'll be......
    I'll meet you......

    The sky would turn a pinkish hue,
    And glowing sun sets in vast sea
    When dolphins play in waters blue,
    And amongst all you'll search for me.

    When I'll be.....
    I'll meet you.....

    Fallen leaves would adorn the paths,
    N stormy winds would turn the chimes.
    When you'll dream of us trudging the path,
    With our hands clasped and fingers interwined.

    When I'll be yours and you'll be mine,
    I'll meet you then when the time's fine.

    Thunders explode n droplets will fall,
    The grasses beneath will be soft and pure,
    When darkness sets and evening crawls,
    N for all your pain, I'll be a cure.

    When I'll be.....
    I'll meet you......

    Together we'll sit in the moonlit night,
    I'll look at you, just give me a smile,
    When fireflies glow, and the world turns bright,
    We'll stay together and the stars would shine.

    And I'll be yours, n you'll be mine,
    Forever close, our life would be fine....


  • 0804aqueela 61w


    Sometimes it happens...
    ...that I feel the crack in my voice, the rigorous thumping of my heart, my mind's race against time to recollect all possibilities, the glances I steal and finally how my eyes well up when out of nowhere a strangely familiar notification pops up on my phone screen.

    Sometimes it happens...
    ...that I hear the melancholy hidden in the songs, the longing concealed in the poems, the love that flows out of priceless words, the unspoken sentences, I still hear numerous unnarrated silly instances, I still hear the pain behind ''I am fine''.

    Sometimes it happens...
    ...that I see how constantly with each passing day, you strive to be normal, happy and spirited and how by night you find yourself helplessly immersing deeper in the swamp of your mind's turmoil. I do see the tears in your eyes, when you put up a smile, your swollen eyes cheat your words when you say you had a wonderful sleep, how you barely ask ''how are you'' when your face puts up a questionnaire, how your mask of indifference falls off when you see me.

    Sometimes it happens...
    ...that I smell your fragrance in my thoughts, your presence is not required. I do smell your insecurities, anguish, anger and anxiety. I can smell the freshness of your old memories and I can also smell the craving of your heart to relive them.

    You are like a tune to my lyrics, one that drives away all melancholy, you are like my favorite poetry, whose words are feelings, you are like a rainbow filled with colors of positivity, jubilation and spirit, you are everything in just nothing, a spark in complete darkness and a sweet cacophony in complete stillness.